Woman Bored During Isolation Calls All Of Her Exes To Ask What Went Wrong

A bored university student decided to spend some of her quarantine time phoning exes to ask what went wrong in their relationships – seeing it as a chance for self improvement.

Rebecca Lockwood, 19, was inspired by a quote on Twitter by Kitty O’Meara and decided self isolation was a great chance to learn from mistakes.

The quote read: “And the people stayed home. And read books, and listened and rested, and exercised, and made art, and played games, and learned new ways of being, and were still.”


So the English and creative writing undergraduate from Cannock, Staffordshire, thought who better to help her grow than her exes? We salute you, Rebecca, as this is *very* brave.


Yep, in a bid to learn from her mistakes, Rebecca asked three guys what went wrong and how she could improve.

The 19-year-old used her alone time to call her exes to ask for how she could improve herself (Credit: SWNS)
The 19-year-old used her alone time to call her exes to ask for how she could improve herself (Credit: SWNS)


Her first call was to ex-boyfriend Jay, who she dated for several months last year.

The pair lived opposite each other in first year university halls and ended up in a relationship.

Rebecca later broke up with Jay in bed.

Jay said: “I think initially everything was really great because we were both available, living super close and the thrill of it all was the sorta uni vibe you would want.”

But in essence, he felt that their relationship was probably born out of convenience and that Rebecca probably thought “yes I’m nice and I look after you” but wasn’t “getting the most out of someone you should be fully committed to”.

Well that was a pretty pain-free first call…

Rebecca was inspired by the Kitty O'Meara quote, deciding isolation was a time of reflection (Credit: SWNS)
Rebecca was inspired by the Kitty O’Meara quote, deciding isolation was a time of reflection (Credit: SWNS)


Call two was with Tim, whom Rebecca had dated for a couple of months about three years ago.

Rebecca ended this relationship too – but when going to do it, she says Tim was impossible to break up with.

She even went as far as to lie about her sexuality, but even then he offered to work it out together.

Upon questioning on the phone, Tim said the dumping was out of the blue.

He continued that Rebecca “then blocked me and wouldn’t speak to me about it,” something which Tim advised she shouldn’t do in future.

But in a funny turn of events he ended up apologising to HER on the phone call.

He said: “I do wanna say, and I feel this is a good time to say it, that I’m sorry for after it happened and I came to your house, still feel like a dick about it years later.”

Tim had showed up at her house with a photo book with hand-annotated memories and flowers. Sweet or creepy? We’ll leave that to you to decide.

Her ex boyfriend and pal Ed was the most brutal (Credit: Pexels)
Her ex boyfriend and pal Ed was the most brutal (Credit: Pexels)


Call number three was a little more brutal.

Ed was Rebecca’s first kiss in school – it was outside Greggs. The romance.

The short-lived relationships ended within days (as often teen love does) but Rebecca says the pair are still pals.

This is probably why he was the most upfront with his feedback…

On questioning, Ed said: “Oh for f**k sake – are you taking the p**s?

“How long was our relationship? Three days?!” he continued, before reminding Rebecca she’d got her “scary friend” to dump him – a classic high school move.

He advised: “In terms of improvement, maybe you could have the boll**ks to dump me yourself.”

He also offered her tips and said she could be more confident, more affectionate and “could have shown a lot more enthusiasm for the general experience of it all”.

Sounds like she just wasn’t really that into it, Ed.

So to round off, we think Rebecca has learnt not to dump BFs via her pals, not to instantly block them, and… errr…probably not to lie about her sexuality when dumping someone.

But most of all, we’re sure she got a good laugh out of it. It’s amazing what self-isolation boredom can make us do!


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8 Zoom Alternatives For Virtual Meetings, Parties, & Happy Hours

If you’ve been using video calls to stay in touch with coworkers, family, and friends during these past few weeks, you’ve likely been using a video conferencing app like Zoom. But if you’ve been worried about some of Zoom’s recent privacy concerns or just want some other options for keeping connected to the people in your life, there are some great alternatives for Zoom, and turns out, they’re just as easy to use.

With people adhering and adjusting to social distancing guidelines, searches for “video conferencing apps” have increased dramatically. Google Trends shows that since mid-March, these searches have hit never-before-reached heights. Google searches for “Zoom” have seen a similar increase during this time.

While Zoom is the No. 1 most downloaded video conferencing app and may be great for work meetings, virtual happy hours, and Powerpoint parties, there are some other apps out there that are ideal for getting work done, virtually hanging with friends, and keeping in touch with loved ones while in quarantine. Zoom is a great option, but it’s not the only option out there for you. Here are eight Zoom alternatives that you can download on your desktop or phone right now.

1. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a great alternative to Zoom that has many similar features.
SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images

With Google Hangouts, you can do all of the same functions that are available on Zoom with some key differences, which include a maximum participant number of 25 people per video call (Zoom’s max is 100), no limit on the length of video calls (Zoom limits group meetings to 40 minutes), and screen-sharing capabilities (with Zoom, multiple people can share their screens while Google Hangouts only allows one person to do so). Google Hangouts is a great choice when it comes to small team work meetings, one-on-one talks with loved ones, and weekly check-ins (or dance parties) with your friends.

2. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is a platform used by businesses to conduct meetings, interviews, and other virtual hang-outs. Once you have an account (plans start at $12 per month) you can host a meeting and invite anyone else. If your business or place of work wants to move away from Zoom, this is a great option. GoToMeeting is a little more technically advanced than Zoom, such as the ability for the meeting host to control screen settings, including adjusting the brightness, shadows, and highlights for visuals.

3. FaceTime

You can use Group FaceTime to stay in touch with friends.
Chesnot/Getty Images News/Getty Images

While FaceTime isn’t really used for work meetings, it’s still a great way to stay connected with your friends and family while social distancing. FaceTime is super easy to use, and calling someone up only takes a few taps. Plus, since Apple introduced Group FaceTime, you can use the app for quick group calls with your friends. While Zoom may be a great option for scheduled meetings, Group FaceTime calls are a great option for spur of the moment conversations with friends and family. It’s definitely the more personal and casual option.

4. BlueJeans

BlueJeans boasts itself as the “world leader in cloud video conferencing.” You can use BlueJeans to video conference from any smart device, making it an easy platform for all users to navigate. There are Meetings, Rooms, and even Events you can host and invite others to. A great option for businesses, BlueJeans is perfect for when you want to have a quick work meeting without the fuss of figuring out any extra technology.

5. Skype

Skype is a classic video conferencing app to stay connected with others.
SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images

Skype has been around since 2003, making it a great and reliable way to stay connected with others. Whether you want to have a quick work meeting, host an interview call, or just check in with your friends, Skype is a viable option that allows up to 50 people in a phone or video call. Plus, online calls are free. Skype is the easier option, mostly because people are usually already familiar with the software, whereas Zoom is something many people are just now starting to figure out.

6. Jitsi

Jitsi is a free and open multiplatform voice, videoconferencing, and instant messaging application. The platform prides itself on better-quality videos due to a higher resolution compared to its competitors. While it’s traditionally used for work, it can serve as an option for talking with friends as well. Unlike its competitors, Jitsi is entirely free and has unlimited calling, making it a more cost-effective way to conduct day-to-day business.

7. Houseparty

NurPhoto/NurPhoto/Getty Images

If you’re looking for a more lively way to talk with friends, Houseparty is the way to go. It’s similar to Zoom in the way that it allows each user to see all other people in the call, but there’s a maximum of eight people allowed in each call. Aside from regular video calling, the Houseparty app allows you and your friends to play different games together, including Trivia, Heads Up, and Quick Draw, so it’s ideal for casual get-togethers.

8. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a great option for businesses, especially if a lot of your work is already done using Microsoft Suite. It’s a way to consistently use the same platform for all of your work. Video calls can host up to 250 members and is a great option for those who want to have work or class presentations. While it shares a lot of similar Zoom features, including file sharing, screen sharing, and text chats along with video calls, Microsoft Teams is more suitable to those who want to keep their all of their professional work in one place.


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Pa. Liquor Stores Expand Curbside Delivery Program, Increase Number Of Stores Available For Service

Starting today, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is expanding its curbside delivery program that was rolled out as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

When the program first started, many who tried calling to place orders couldn’t get through — they would simply get a busy signal.

Many customers said they would try calling multiple times every hour.

Recognizing the demand, the Liquor Control Board is expanding their program, and more stores will be accepting orders for pick up.

When KDKA first reported about curbside pickup, there were 17 locations available for curbside delivery in Allegheny County.

With the expanded program, that number has now jumped up to 70.

Surrounding counties have also increased their number of locations.

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board says they were aware of peoples frustrations.

“Beginning Monday, we’ll have 565 Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores across Pennsylvania accepting orders by phone for curbside pickup,” said PLCB Chairman Tim Holden in a press release.

“We acknowledge that Pennsylvanians are frustrated with busy signals and want broader access to wine and spirits, so after learning from our experiences this past week, we’ve made improvements to process orders faster, expand the hours we take orders by phone, and be more flexible in scheduling pickups, even the same day, if pickup appointments are available,” Holden said.

Across the commonwealth of Pennsylvania:

  • 565 locations available for curbside pickup
  • Service is offered on a First-Call, First-Served Basis
  • The expanded program goes into effect starting at 9a.m.
  • 50 to 100 Orders will be fulfilled per Day, p[er Store
  • Pickup will be available from 9:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday

The previous regulations of one order per caller, per store, per day with an order limited of up to 6 bottles will still be in effect.

Some stores will operate on a more limited basis, such as less days being open and fewer hours.

Details on specific store hours and locations can be found online.



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People are Discovering Affairs While Quarantined With Their Spouses

When most couples vowed for better or for worse, they likely didn’t imagine a scenario in which they’d be quarantined together indefinitely—while a global pandemic threatened their health. And their families’ health. And their jobs. And all of their normal routines. So, perhaps it’s not such a surprise that divorce lawyers’ phones are lighting up with distress signals from marriages collapsing under the strain.

Once the courts open back up, predicts attorney Heather Hostetter, “It’s going to be divorce-apalooza.”

In China, where life has slowly begun to return to normal, divorce filings are reportedly surging as people emerge from their lockdowns. Anecdotal evidence indicates there’s a decent chance the same thing will happen here.

Hostetter, a partner at Hostetter Strent, says she’s heard from one woman who believes she’s discovered her husband is having an affair. The woman was already suspicious pre-quarantine, says Hostetter, but spending so much time trapped under the same roof has heightened her anxiety. For one thing, “The other spouse is being super protective of the phone, in a way that seems out of character.” For another, says Hostetter, he’s been taking extra-long bike rides. “She raised with me, ‘I think he goes out to exercise and he’s seeing this person and having sex. Not only does that make me feel like crap, but then he’s exposing our whole family to a possible Covid-19 contact.’”

Tracey Coates, co-chair of the family law practice at Paley Rothman, has also heard from spouses who’ve come to suspect infidelity while under quarantine. “They’re grappling with overhearing hush-hush calls in a separate room,” she says. “Or texts are going off at all hours.”

One big problem: there’s not much they can do about it right now. Which is why Hostetter says she counseled her new client to “think about what you can handle. … Do you really want to ask? Because if he’s going to be honest with you, is this really the time you want to know?”

The courts are almost entirely closed. And the logistics of seeking marriage counseling or packing up and leaving have obviously been complicated by coronavirus. Not to mention, many couples have children at home who are already under enough stress without having to witness the dissolution of their parents’ marriage.

Even making the call to a divorce lawyer is tough under the circumstances: Attorneys report hang-ups mid-conversation, presumably because the other spouse has walked into the room. Hostetter says the woman who suspects an affair called from her car.

Sandy Ain, a partner at Ain & Bank, says he’s heard from spouses on the other side of the infidelity equation—people who were carrying on affairs before Covid-19, and are now unhappy in their marriages because they can’t see their paramours. “The level of frustration [with their spouses] is enhanced, because they’re precluded from engaging in activities that they’d prefer to engage in,” he says.

But cheating isn’t the only issue. As parents balance Zoom meetings with home-schooling, lawyers say resentment is creeping in. “Another thing we’re hearing is, ‘look, I’m the only one doing everything. Maybe I’m the only one bringing in income, and I’m certainly the only one managing my kids,’” says Coates. “I’ve heard that from two people recently— ‘I’m doing everything anyway. This is toxic and it can’t continue.’”

More serious problems have also been exacerbated by quarantine. “A couple of women who’ve called me have been with husbands who are very emotionally abusive, and verbally abusive,” says Cheryl New, a partner at New & Lowinger. “It’s magnified when you’re stuck in the house.” (Though courts are deferring most cases, they are making exceptions for matters that could become dangerous.)

Hostetter predicts that yet another category of spouses—she calls them “Machiavellian thinkers”—will view the tanking economy as convenient for a divorce, since forgoing half their assets won’t equate to as big of a blow. She says such clients also sought her out after the 2008 crash. “Maybe it wasn’t the quarantine that did it, but maybe they know their marriage isn’t till death do us part,” she explains. “And they’ll decide to end it while their net worth is in the toilet.”


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Bodies were transported to Philadelphia’s medical examiner in the open back of a pick-up truck

Workers assist the driver of the pickup truck (far right, with back to camera) as he pulls a body from the back of the truck and onto a gurney, in an area near the Joseph W. Spellman Medical Examiner Building on April 19.

(CNN)Shocking photos show seven bodies, in the open back of a pick-up truck in Philadelphia, which were transported from a local hospital to the medical examiner’s office Sunday.

The Philadelphia Department of Health confirmed the incident and the number of bodies in the truck.

“The transportation of the bodies in that manner is a breach of protocol,” said James Garrow, spokesman for the Department of Public Health.

“The Medical Examiner’s Office regularly works with hospitals throughout Philadelphia to ensure that bodies are treated with the utmost dignity and respect,” Garrow told CNN on behalf of the Medical Examiner’s Office. “The Health Department is appalled that this happened, and strongly reminded the referring hospital of the existing protocols. This is not normal or acceptable.”

The bodies were being transported from Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia to an overflow storage area, according to a spokesman from the hospital. The cause of death of the deceased is not known at this time.

The pickup truck arrives, with bodies under the mats in the cargo bed, at a space near the Joseph W. Spellman Medical Examiner Building in University City on April 19

The photos, taken by the Philadelphia Inquirer, show bodies stacked in the flatbed of a pick-up truck outside of the Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s Office overflow storage area. In one of the pictures, individuals wearing masks are moving a body to the edge of the flatbed where a gurney waits to transport the body.

DOH spokesman Garrow confirmed that these pictures are, to the best of his knowledge, of the incident.

“Upon learning of this incident, Einstein immediately launched an investigation to understand all the details related to this matter,” a spokesman for Albert Einstein Healthcare Network told CNN. “As a result of that investigation, we swiftly ended our contract with the funeral home responsible for this occurrence.”

The spokesman did not name the funeral home that Einstein says is responsible for the transportation of the bodies, but confirmed they did question Einstein employees as well as their contacts from the funeral home and the medical examiner’s office.

“We are equally appalled by these photographs and as a hospital in the epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic in Philadelphia, we understand these unprecedented healthcare challenges, and all patients should be treated with respect and dignity at every stage and this should never happen,” said the Einstein spokesman, adding that the individuals depicted in the Philadelphia Inquirer’s pictures are not Einstein employees.

The City of Philadelphia is not investigating this incident as the protocol on the transfer of bodies is clear, said Garrow.

“The transferring hospital was reminded of the long-standing protocols for body transport and they are working with their contractor to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”


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