Woman Bored During Isolation Calls All Of Her Exes To Ask What Went Wrong

A bored university student decided to spend some of her quarantine time phoning exes to ask what went wrong in their relationships – seeing it as a chance for self improvement.

Rebecca Lockwood, 19, was inspired by a quote on Twitter by Kitty O’Meara and decided self isolation was a great chance to learn from mistakes.

The quote read: “And the people stayed home. And read books, and listened and rested, and exercised, and made art, and played games, and learned new ways of being, and were still.”


So the English and creative writing undergraduate from Cannock, Staffordshire, thought who better to help her grow than her exes? We salute you, Rebecca, as this is *very* brave.


Yep, in a bid to learn from her mistakes, Rebecca asked three guys what went wrong and how she could improve.

The 19-year-old used her alone time to call her exes to ask for how she could improve herself (Credit: SWNS)
The 19-year-old used her alone time to call her exes to ask for how she could improve herself (Credit: SWNS)


Her first call was to ex-boyfriend Jay, who she dated for several months last year.

The pair lived opposite each other in first year university halls and ended up in a relationship.

Rebecca later broke up with Jay in bed.

Jay said: “I think initially everything was really great because we were both available, living super close and the thrill of it all was the sorta uni vibe you would want.”

But in essence, he felt that their relationship was probably born out of convenience and that Rebecca probably thought “yes I’m nice and I look after you” but wasn’t “getting the most out of someone you should be fully committed to”.

Well that was a pretty pain-free first call…

Rebecca was inspired by the Kitty O'Meara quote, deciding isolation was a time of reflection (Credit: SWNS)
Rebecca was inspired by the Kitty O’Meara quote, deciding isolation was a time of reflection (Credit: SWNS)


Call two was with Tim, whom Rebecca had dated for a couple of months about three years ago.

Rebecca ended this relationship too – but when going to do it, she says Tim was impossible to break up with.

She even went as far as to lie about her sexuality, but even then he offered to work it out together.

Upon questioning on the phone, Tim said the dumping was out of the blue.

He continued that Rebecca “then blocked me and wouldn’t speak to me about it,” something which Tim advised she shouldn’t do in future.

But in a funny turn of events he ended up apologising to HER on the phone call.

He said: “I do wanna say, and I feel this is a good time to say it, that I’m sorry for after it happened and I came to your house, still feel like a dick about it years later.”

Tim had showed up at her house with a photo book with hand-annotated memories and flowers. Sweet or creepy? We’ll leave that to you to decide.

Her ex boyfriend and pal Ed was the most brutal (Credit: Pexels)
Her ex boyfriend and pal Ed was the most brutal (Credit: Pexels)


Call number three was a little more brutal.

Ed was Rebecca’s first kiss in school – it was outside Greggs. The romance.

The short-lived relationships ended within days (as often teen love does) but Rebecca says the pair are still pals.

This is probably why he was the most upfront with his feedback…

On questioning, Ed said: “Oh for f**k sake – are you taking the p**s?

“How long was our relationship? Three days?!” he continued, before reminding Rebecca she’d got her “scary friend” to dump him – a classic high school move.

He advised: “In terms of improvement, maybe you could have the boll**ks to dump me yourself.”

He also offered her tips and said she could be more confident, more affectionate and “could have shown a lot more enthusiasm for the general experience of it all”.

Sounds like she just wasn’t really that into it, Ed.

So to round off, we think Rebecca has learnt not to dump BFs via her pals, not to instantly block them, and… errr…probably not to lie about her sexuality when dumping someone.

But most of all, we’re sure she got a good laugh out of it. It’s amazing what self-isolation boredom can make us do!


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