Liz – Chapter 4 – Something’s Changed

I’m happy I met Liz and I’m looking forward to getting to know her. Maybe not so much getting to know her, but a lady to do stuff with. drinks, lunch, movies etc. I am at a point in my life where I don’t care if it doesn’t go anywhere.

I know that sounds nuts from the guy that writes a dating and relationship blog, but I think I’m there.

I love telling my stories about my life, and dolling out dating and relationship advice but to be honest with you all I may be done with it all.

Don’t worry. The blog will live on, but it’s probably going to eventually change. I’m not sure how that will happen. I have and idea, how it will be compartmentalized, but I can’t see what it will look like exactly.

How can one write a dating and relationship blog and not be in a relationship?

I don’t know. But based on my last relationship that was simple and sweet, I don’t know what’s going to happen.

I suppose we’ll all just evolve together.

I’m walking through Suburban Station. The main hub for all of the trains in the city. I text Liz the day after our first meeting.

“Thinking about you.”

“Haha. You knew what to text.”

“You’re done for the day!”

“Not quite. I’m off for the rest of the week. So I wanted to finish up a few things. Hi”

“Oh lucky you! Did you tell me that? How’d you swing that?”

“I didn’t mention it. My birthday is on Friday and I don’t take off too often. So, it’s my treat to me.”

“Great gift!”

“Thanks! (smiley face)

“Do you have anything planned?”

“Baltimore Harbor.”

“Oh fantastic! Maybe we can meet up Sunday after 4 or one day next week!”


“I have to see what my schedule is next week okay?”

“no problem.”

I’m glad we met! (me smiley with little hands)




(A couple of days later)

“How’s your day going? Hot one.”

“It’s going well. Back at work. How’s Baltimore? I’m sure you’re having more fun than I am up here in Philly.”

“I don’t leave until Friday night. I’ve been chillin’ in Philly. I love hot Philly, btw.”

“Oh awesome! I didn’t realize you hadn’t gone! Are you excited?”

“I am excited. How are you doing?”

I’m doing well! Did lots of cleaning today at the house with my daughter. We worked together. Mac Mart was good. Not too busy. I love working there and… we just passed our health inspection!”

“Nice with the health inspection. I wish I could eat there.”

“Yea, it went really well because we run a clean ship! We won’t see them for another year!”

“Good. I’ll tell me friends to eat there.”

Based on these texts, this is where she wants me to inquire about her dairy allergy.

“Why can’t you eat there?”

“I don’t eat dairy.”

“I get it. Do you have any other dietary concerns?”

“Dairy breaks me out. I think it is the hormones in it that clogs my pores or something. So I love it but it doesn’t love me.”


“I don’t think we’re even meant to consume dairy as humans.”

“Most people get personally offended when you say that, but I agree.”


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