Here Are Five Things You Do That Make People Dislike You

It’s not hard to make someone dislike you, whether you’re interacting online or in real life and there’s something you can do to not be that annoying person.

1. Humblebragging. That’s where you pretend to be self-deprecating, but you’re really saying something positive about yourself. People see through it, and it’s a turn-off.

2. Including a smiling emoji in work emails. Smiling in person makes people like you. But emojis can make you seem less competent. Especially in a professional setting.

3. Using an extreme close-up as your profile pic. According to research, four-and-a-half feet is the best distance between you and the camera lens. Pictures taken from a foot or two away make you seem less trustworthy.

4. Sharing too many photos of the same people. According to research, friends don’t like seeing too much of your family. And your family doesn’t like seeing too many friend photos. So you might want to consider a more balanced approach.

5. Never talking about yourself. Asking questions is a common tip we hear because most people like talking about themselves. But you CAN ask too many. And when you never talk about yourself, it’s harder for people to feel close to you.


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8 thoughts on “Here Are Five Things You Do That Make People Dislike You”

  1. How’s about hiding away and just finding everything about social media so bloody annoying, it’s rather like finding an autumn wasp on your sleeve , you can see it, you can hear it, you know what it is, but at some point it’s going to sting you just because it can.

    1. I’ve come to realize how little I need social media. I’ve lived over half a century without it. It causes more nuerosis in the populace and creates false narratives as to what real life is like. All you’re seeing is people’s greatest hits when in reality that’s not what’s happening in people’s lives at all. I’d eventually like to get rid of it completely, but currently I need it to promote this blog, so for now I’m keeping it. Thank you for your words today, Gabriel.

      1. I like you have spent half a century on this small globe of dirt, mostly without a phone.
        I was “ talked” into making one a companion due to the nature of my dangerous job, working alone far away from civilisation my only companion my chainsaw and trees. In some ways it’s a pain, it annoys the hell out of me and yet today you replied, and then the internet brings two strangers together, oceans apart , two lives connect with a virtual handshake and a smile. Then it becomes all worthwhile. Thank you for your reply and a blog I enjoy reading. Yours from a sunny but cold winter woodland in Albion.

      2. Another great point made, Gabriel. It’s nice to meet you, and it’s true… that is a benefit of the internet. It’s brought my little blog to people around the world. Read my Back the Tracks series. It’s about my life growing up in Philly in the 70s. A world with only 3 channels on TV, no video games, no internet and no cell phones. We were perfectly happy creating our own memories, simply playing together outside in the real world… with real people and making real connections for life.

  2. Very good list. I would add being too “people-pleasing” and too accomodating from the outset. It reeks of insecurity and give off a vibe of subtle manipulation. Contrary to what some people think, there is such a thing as being “too nice”.

    1. Agreed. I have been guilty of that my whole life. I’ve been told that by important people in my life. My father once said to me… “The further you have to reach for someone, the easier it is for them to pull you down.” Be true to oneself. Thank you for your input today, Brett!

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