Teachers Who Have Matched With Students On Tinder Share Their Experiences

Dating apps can be the bane of single people.

Anyone with a phone can download a dating app like Tinder. That means, you have users of all ages mixed together and looking for love. And it’s very easy and common to lie about your age, appearance, and basically who you truly are. This can be dangerous for teachers who have relationship seeking students in their area.

Redditor u/Dracula_in_Auschwitz asked for stories from teachers who matched with one of their students on Tinder and teachers shared all of the awkward stories.

10. A date is not worth a job

“I unmatched with them as soon as I realized who it was . We still had a month left in the semester , and she never brought it up . I teach in higher ed ., so it’s ‘legal’, but definitely not worth the headaches and professional fallout it could potentially cause.”

9. No drama please

“I matched with one of my online professors last semester. He has a unique name and once I realized who he was I unmatched. Even if it’s legal… and at our ages, it would be. It’s still a small town and I didn’t want to bring the drama on us.”

8. That intern has nerve

“I once drunk splurged on Tinder Gold (or whatever it’s called) and noticed my CURRENT intern had swiped right on me.

Yeah, I had to ignore that one for a while. All the while keeping that secret for the rest of the semester.”

7. Anything could go back in the day

We had an HS teacher, an older, way older male who taught math, have an affair with a female student. She was a senior that turned 18 at the end of the school year but they had been together for over a year. He and his wife divorced, and he married the 18-year-old. He was allowed to keep teaching and when she graduated college she was hired as a teacher in the same school in his department. Of course, this was in the late 1970s and I graduated in 1982, but I had them both as teachers.”

6. The match turned into a lesson

“Not me, but one of the teachers at the high school I work at matched with one of his students on Grindr. The kid was 16. The teacher came and told us (the school counselors), and we had to sit the kid down and have a conversation about the dangers of lying about his age to have random hookups with older men. He said he had been doing it a while and appreciated that we were concerned about him. He said he did not plan on stopping, but he was obviously not trying to hook up with anyone from the school.”

5. This might work out

“I went on a date a couple of weeks ago with a former student. I was an adjunct prof and she was in my class. I thought she was cute and I had a suspicion she was queer too but obviously wasn’t going to do anything while I was teaching. When she came Up on tinder (I’m no longer teaching university) I swiped right and we matched.

She is only a couple of years younger than me though and the class was a couple of years ago. We’re hopefully going out again soon and we’ll see what happens?”

4. That could end very badly

“Not in Tinder, but I downloaded Grindr and set up an account. When I first activated it, I didn’t have any age restrictions set up. All of a sudden, I see one of my students.

I teach middle school. He was in 8th grade.

I called the principal and counselor and made them deal with it. I’m all for keeping kids safe but he was lying about his age (probably could pass for an 18-year-old twink) and some moron would have (or probably had) slept with him. Don’t want to come out to your parents? TOO BAD. Don’t advertise your 14-year-old body on a dating app.”

3. They matched at the right time

“I teach University. A year or so after the end of the class she took under me she pops up and laughed. I thought there’d be no way she yes’d me so I swiped right for giggles. Instant match. I couldn’t believe it. Turns out she wanted to hook up the whole time but didn’t want to open that can of worms. So we went on a date.”

2. Maybe someday it can work out

“As a grad student, I work as a TA at my university, and because I teach for upper-level courses my students are pretty close in age (2-4 years typically). I usually try to just swipe left by default on all current and past students, but one made it through. She was an old student of mine, probably by about one year. I got the notification, thought about it for a bit, and was unmatched.

I felt bad about just unmatching without saying anything, so I messaged her on Instagram and just said that I couldn’t because she was my old student and we ended up talking for a bit… I looked it up in the university policy, and there was nothing I could find to stop us. So if she does ever ask me out I will instantly say yes, but I highly doubt it will ever happen.”

1. This might be a teacher’s worst nightmare

“In my district, one of the teachers revealed to his students that he was on tinder. The students made up a profile, cat-fished him, and made him believe he was talking to another adult. Then he sent them pics which they showed to everyone. Technically, the teacher did nothing wrong because he thought he was communicating with another adult. He is still teaching but I’m not sure how that works when all of your students have seen your manhood.”


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Our 10 Weirdest Experiences Between The Sheets

Here’s an interesting piece by one of my female followers.

It’s about time for us single ladies to get our flirt on! Girl, it’s hard to find that mythic Mr. Right. Sometimes along the way we meet Mr. Freaky Deaky. Sure, we all have our kinks, but sometimes we’re left thinking “WTF, was that?!” So, for your amusement, we’ve compiled our funniest and most awkward sex moments.

  1. Spit It Out: “It’s always the straight-laced guys that are the freakiest. I was dating this yuppie who just had to spit on my tits, over and over again like he was Tourettes-ing spit. I’m not sure what that was about … And even though we got naked plenty of times, we never even had sex, he would just get lost in his whole boob ritual.”
  2. Hose Him Down: “This guy took off his pants to reveal he was wearing support hose. He was only in his late 20s, but had really bad varicose veins and had to wear these thigh-high granny stockings. That was off-putting, but I’m a good sport so I did the deed anyway. He kept the stockings on, by the way.”
  3. Nutty: “My old boyfriend put peanut butter on my boob and got his dog to lick it off. The things you’ll do in high school …”
  4. Razor’s Edge: “A guy once asked if he could cut me. When I said no, he asked if he could shave me. Then I left.”
  5. Three Strikes You’re Out: “I had a one-night stand with this Turkish dude, and I have to wonder if maybe there was just a cultural divide that made him think it was OK to slap me in the face, spit on me and give me a rim job in one fell swoop. Normally none of those things would phase me in isolation, but all together — with a guy I’d just met — was intensely freaky, and not in a good way. I beat a fast path out of there.”
  6. You’re Dead To Me: “My ex wanted to bone in a graveyard.”
  7. The Pits: “I hooked up with this HOT Brazilian dude in a warehouse in San Francisco who really really, really wanted to lick my armpits. I let him.”
  8. Big Baller: “One guy asked me to yank his balls—and I mean pull them. They were nearly touching the bed and he was kneeling, which I didn’t think was physically possible until I saw it. Then afterward, he told me I didn’t pull them enough.”
  9. Just For Sport: “I once dated a man who liked football. No, not the sport. To him it was me tickling his balls with my toes.”
  10. Slim Peck-ins: “I knew a guy who was too hot, an unbelievable kisser, a quarterback in college, had a Doctorate in Chemistry, was a model for Elite, and a scientist at everyone’s favorite booze company: Jack Daniels. Yes, this man was perfect. Except he didn’t want to have sex.  We got all hot and heavy, and all he wanted at that point was for me to, ahem, lick his chest.  Yup, that’s it.  Lick—like a cat cleaning itself—his chest.  So I did.  Lots.  And what a perfect chest it was!”

OK, we dished our dirtiest dirt. Now it’s your turn! What was your weirdest sexual encounter?


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