Lock Him Down: 20 Signs A Guy Is Serious BF Material

Every now and then, a guy or girl comes along who’s truly different from the rest. It might be because he can make us laugh or he has the patience to listen to us vent about our day at work. It could even be because he notices the little things about us that nobody else has ever picked up on.

Whatever it is, it’s needless to say that there are certain qualities that make someone boyfriend material.

It can be tough to know when a guy has something special that’s worth holding on to versus when he’s no different from the rest. Luckily, we’ve done the leg work and come up with this list!

Check out these 20 signs he’s boyfriend material and we shouldn’t let him go.

20 He Notices The Little Things About Her


It’s a good sign when a guy notices little things about you.

Whether they’re the small details you mention that nobody else seems to pick up on, or that you’ve changed your hair color, or that you wear a certain pink lipstick, someone who’s boyfriend material will notice. Lock him down!

19 He Doesn’t Try To Change Her


When you’re in love with someone, you accept them the way they are. Sure, you might help them to improve when they want to, and encourage them to make the best decisions for them. But at the end of the day, you don’t try to change them.

That’s why he’s boyfriend material if he loves you as you are without trying to mold you.

18 He Has Values And Sticks To Them


Most people want someone who has some depth to them and has a set of values or beliefs according to which they live their life.

It’s a sign that you should lock him down if he has values and he sticks to them without giving in to peer pressure. He gets bonus points if his values are similar to yours!

17 She Can Talk To Him About Anything

Leap Year

It’s rare to find someone who will listen whenever you want to talk to them.

If you feel like you can talk to him about anything at all, and you don’t fear that he will judge you or get angry with you, you’ve probably found yourself a keeper. Hold on tight!

16 He Knows How To Give Her Space

Harper’s Bazaar

Space in a relationship is just as important as closeness and connection. It’s all well and good if you have a great time when you’re actually together, but you should also be able to give each other space.

Lock him down if he allows you to be you without always needing to be in the middle of it.

15 His Idea Of What A Relationship Should Be Is The Same As Hers

Good Housekeeping

The ideal relationship looks slightly different for all of us. The person you’re with should at least have a similar idea about how they want the relationship to be.

If one of you wants an open relationship and one wants to be exclusive, it won’t work. It’s a signal to lock him down if you’re on the same page with all of that.

14 He Gives Guidance Without Being Critical


There’s a difference between giving loving advice and guidance and being a critical, judgmental tool. If he offers you advice and help when you need it, without tearing you down with criticism, hold on to him.

A partner like that will make life a lot easier than one who criticizes your every move.

13 His Finances Aren’t All Over The Place

Den of Geek

We tend to reach a certain age where things like finances and professional ambitions become more important than what he’s riding in and who he’s hanging out with.

He doesn’t have to be a Rockefeller, but it’s a sign that he’s boyfriend material if he has at least some steady money coming in and he’s smart about saving it.

12 He’s Unconditionally Loyal


Loyalty should be non-negotiable in a relationship, and yet, it’s a lot rarer than you’d think. It’s definitely a sign to lock him down if he’s unconditionally loyal to you.

There’s nothing more attractive than a guy who’s always got your back and is always there for you, no matter what.

11 Committing To Things Is Natural For Him

Who Magazine

It’s a good sign if he has no problem with committing to things, whether they be vacation plans a few months down the track or dinner next week. This shows that he’s not totally afraid of commitment (even if he’s a little afraid!).

Someone who can’t make any promises about anything probably isn’t great boyfriend material.

10 His Ex Is Out Of The Picture


A guy who is boyfriend material doesn’t just have loads of positive qualities—he’s also available, physically and emotionally. Even if a guy is single, he won’t make a good boyfriend if he’s still attached to his ex.

Ensure that it’s completely over between him and his ex, and him and anyone else, before you consider making him your boyfriend.

9 He Has Ambitions For His Own Life

Time Out

Most of us want someone we can live our best lives with as equals, rather than someone without any passions or ambitions of their own.

It’s a promising sign that you should lock him down if he has goals set for his own life and he’s doing things to turn them into reality.

8 She Feels Happy When She’s With Him

Vanity Fair

This is probably the most important point. A boyfriend has to enhance your happiness, so if you feel happy when you’re with him, it’s a good sign.

He doesn’t make you happy, because only you can make you truly happy. But he should improve things and make them even better. He’s the cherry on top!

7 He Supports Her In Everything

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A guy who is boyfriend material will be your top supporter in everything. When you go for a job interview, he’ll be there to practice with beforehand. When you need to cry after a long day at work, he’ll be there to lean on.

Whatever life throws at you, he’ll be right by your side to tackle it with you.

6 Saying Sorry Isn’t Impossible For Him


Nobody is perfect, which is why we all need to be able to say sorry when we mess up. Still, a lot of people have trouble with this!

Lock him down if he isn’t afraid to admit that he made a mistake and apologize for it. That right there is a keeper!

5 He Can Make Her Laugh

The Vore

Never underestimate someone who can make you laugh! Laughter connects us and helps us grow closer. Plus, you’ll want to spend time with someone who can make you laugh like crazy, even after the honeymoon stage when some of the physical passion starts to fade.

This is a sure-fire sign that he’s boyfriend material.

4 Her Friends And Family Approve


The opinions of family and friends don’t mean absolutely everything—it really depends on what sort of family and friends you have!

But generally, it’s a good sign if the people who care about you approve of a love interest. This means they can see that he’s got your best interests at heart.

3 She Can Trust Him To Follow Through With His Promises

Seventeen Magazine

Being able to trust your boyfriend to keep his word is a huge deal in a relationship. There’s not much point in promising yourself to someone whose word means next to nothing.

You should always be able to trust what your boyfriend says, so it’s a sign that he’s boyfriend material if he’s trustworthy.

2 He’s Happy To Compromise

The Top Ten

All healthy relationships require compromise. If he’s happy to meet you halfway, then there’s a good chance that he has what it takes to be your boyfriend.

He shouldn’t be a doormat or a tyrant—he should be willing and able to meet you in the middle so both of your needs are met.

1 He Is Patient And Understanding


Patience and understanding are important qualities in a partner. It’s a sign to lock him down because he’s boyfriend material if he shows patience rather than insensitivity, and understanding rather than judgment.

This suggests that when you face issues in your relationship, he’ll approach them the right way, with compassion and empathy.

Sources: Bolde, Elite Daily, Your Tango

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If He Says This, He’ll String You Along Forever

While it’s true that actions speak louder than words, sometimes people do tell you, in rather plain words, what their intentions are. You just aren’t listening. I let several men string me along in the past. I just focused on the few good things they did—I was living on bread crumbs really—as justification to stay in it, but I refused to acknowledge the gaping hole in their efforts. I let them convince me that I was high maintenance or too pushy if I simply asked where things were going. I was more focused on impressing them and keeping them happy than taking care of my own needs. The funny thing is that, they really did say things that made it clear they had no plan of making things official. If he says these things, he’ll string you along forever.

I like to live in the moment

And what exactly does living in the moment have to do with not committing to somebody? This is the line men say when you try to ask if they see a future with you or if they’d like to take a trip with you in a few months or where they see things going. They try to make you feel like you struggle to be present—but they’re just taking the focus off themselves.

The future is not even real

Players can suddenly sound a lot like philosophy majors on LSD when you ask them if this relationship has any staying power. If they really didn’t think the future was real, though, they wouldn’t pay their utilities bills or show up to work.

Yes, yes, they’re all so very spontaneous and youthful. They want to leave their days open to possibilities, so they won’t make a plan to go on a trip with you next weekend. But, like, isn’t there plenty of room for possibilities within the plan you’re trying to make?

I’m telling you—these wishy-washy guys like to mess with your head. They like to leave you believing that you have conformed to ideas society has fed you and that you aren’t independent enough to form your own opinions. It’s all just a distraction, while they’re sleeping with other women.

Who cares what society thinks

Some will appeal to the common insecurity women have around caring what society thinks. We know we shouldn’t care what society thinks, so these players try to convince us that the only reason we want the title of “girlfriend,” is to impress society, and in that way they make us dislike the idea of being a girlfriend.

I want you to be free to explore

Oh wow. How generous. So kind. Really—this guy is just looking out for your personal growth. While another woman is literally going down on him while he’s having this phone call with you.

Does everything have to be so serious?

When you try to simply ask him about personal matters like his family or his goals, he asks you why conversations always have to be so serious. He is essentially bullying you into feeling that you’re a buzzkill, all because you’re trying to get closer to him.

I care about you, isn’t that enough?

That’s the answer to “So, what are we?” The thing is that this guy doesn’t really care about you. He cares about himself. That’s why he’s stringing you along—so you’re there for him when it’s convenient to him, but so you don’t wander off and make things official with another man who actually cares about you.

I don’t do friends

You ask if he wants to meet your friends for drinks and he says, “I don’t do friends—can’t it just be you and me?” It seems romantic. He wants it to seem that way. He’s actually just doing all he can to keep things from seeming official.

It’s nobody’s business what we are

You take him to an event and ask, “So, how should I introduce you?” and he says, “It’s nobody’s business what we are.” He is again appealing to your desire to not want to impress others. But he’s just getting out of being introduced as your boyfriend so he can hit on other women there.

Why do you want to fight?

When you try to bring up where this is going, he accuses you of loving to fight. And though those conversations do tend to turn into a fight, that’s not your fault—that’s on him. He gets upset when you start to call his bluff.

I’m big on personal space

The thing is that most people want personal space. It’s only the guys who go out of their way to tell you this that want so much personal space that you basically only see them twice a month. At two am. For a booty call.

Stop worrying so much

He’ll try to spin your questions about what you are and where this is going as you being a worrier. He’ll try to take the focus off of this relationship and instead make you feel insecure that you worry too much.

Can’t we just have fun?

So, in his mind, commitment and fun cannot go hand-in-hand. He’s telling you that, right there. If that’s how he feels, then he’ll never commit.

Here, just have another drink

Every time you try to talk about where things are going, he just pours you another drink. He tells you that you deserve to relax and not trouble yourself with serious topics. Gee. How thoughtful.


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