The Seductive Power of Cuddles

Cuddles have a Seductive Power when done in a right way!

The other night I was out with a friend for dinner. We ended up in this amazing restaurant I love to go to. Let me give you a little background on this place I go to. The people who work there, are some of the most authentic I’ve ever met. The guy who owns the place is all about 100% authenticity 100% of the time.

Authenticity is so important in life for so many reasons.

Anyway, we were chatting to the owner about how he met his wife, and I asked him, “How did you know she was the one for you?”

He said, “The moment I met her I knew right away she was someone amazing and special. We had an amazing evening together, and I never wanted it to end. We were walking and talking until about 2 am, until she asked me back to her place. I stayed with her all night and we just cuddled.”

He was real, he was authentic, and he wasn’t all about getting her “in the sack.”
Why Cuddles Are So Important To Women?

Guys need to learn how powerful cuddles can be, and how easy it is to make a woman melt when you’re man enough just to hold her without expecting sex in return.

Cuddling stands for safety. Think about what cuddling means to a woman. Her Daddy cuddled her and protected her when she was little.

Cuddling a woman triggers an emotion in her that makes her feel safe with you. Before a woman will give herself to you, she needs to feel safe with you.

So many guys are all over women are the end of a date, constantly trying to paw at her, and constantly trying to come onto her. In reality, most of the time all she wants is a cuddle!

When you hug a woman, she gets to feel your manliness. When you hug a woman, she gets to feel your vulnerability.

When you hug a woman, she gets to feel your strength. It triggers a feeling of safety. It triggers oxytocin, and that’s exactly what you want.

If you want to know how to really turn a woman on, you need to understand the power of cuddles. The next time you’re out on a date, instead of trying to kiss her, and instead of grabbing for her breasts, or my favorite thing guys do, rubbing yourself against her, try cuddling her. Just cuddle her and you watch what happens next.

It’s like magic. Watch her open up to you. Watch her start to give herself to you emotionally. Take sex out the equation gentlemen, and start to become that strong, protector women crave. Start to focus on building an emotional bond with the women you date. Until a woman feels you emotionally, she’ll never feel you physically.

Therefore, apply the power of cuddles in the right way to turn her on both emotionally and physically.


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