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What if you could just run away from your current life?

Christian Blackmore works as a manager at a local finance company in New Jersey. He’s burned out from all the bad loans, and making collection calls every night. He spends his days laboring at a job he hates, and his evenings drinking at a local bar with his best friend. 

When his favorite uncle dies, and leaves him a unique inheritance, he begins to question the path he’s taken in life.

He decides to take a road trip across the country with a woman he just met. She’s a mysterious beauty, who may hold a dark secret. 

What begins as a romantic journey, becomes a nightmare, when he realizes he’s being followed by an elusive stranger. What does he want? Is it Christian, the girl, or something far more sinister?

Angel with a Broken Wing, takes you on a terrifying, coast to coast thrill ride across America. Can one man fall in love, and stay one step ahead in a cat and mouse game with a killer?



PHICKLEPHILLY     (Non-Fiction)

Love at first swipe! One man’s story of returning to Philadelphia in search of the perfect girlfriend. Will he succeed or fail miserably in his quest to find love in this city? This is a funny and sometimes heart wrenching tale of a man trying to navigate the pitfalls of the modern dating world in the city. That man is me.

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PHICKLEPHILLY 2   (Non-Fiction)

Love at First Swipe! 

Phicklephilly 2 is the sequel to the best selling book, Phicklephilly: One man’s journey to find love in Philadelphia. In the first book, our hero returned to the city in search of the perfect girlfriend. It was a funny, and sometimes heart wrenching tale of a man trying to navigate the pitfalls of the modern dating world. 

After two failed relationships, he turns to online dating. He goes on several crazy dates, but finally finds a woman he really likes. She’s a bright, unique beauty, but like all relationships, they face several challenges.

Phicklephilly 2 continues his journey and shows you what it’s like being in a relationship, and the dynamics that play out living in the city. But several factors work against them both at every step. Will the couple survive the pitfalls and demands of being in an exclusive committed relationship?

He doesn’t always do what’s right, but neither does she. This is his intimate story of what that’s been like for him. Join him to see if he wins… or loses again. 

There’s always three sides to every story. His side, her side… and the truth. 




In the course of writing the book, Phicklephilly, I’ve collected several stories about my dating life here in Philadelphia. Some good, some bad, and some that are just down right awful. This is the first volume of some of the crazy dates I’ve had to go on during my time in this city.



If you loved Phicklephilly, and Crazy Dating Stories Volume 1, you’ll also enjoy another helping of some of the worst, and most unique dating stories ever told. Real life dates from hell by the author, you won’t believe why I continued to date after some of these hilarious horror stories!



Here’s the 3rd installment of the Crazy Dating Stories series! (And hopefully the last!) Sometimes hilarious, other times… downright disgusting. After reading some of these, you’ll probably swear off dating for good.



Here is the complete collection of all of the Crazy Dating Stories books in one anthology. If you like reading about true stories about dates from hell, then you’re in for a treat. I dare you not to laugh at these insane tales from my life in the dating world over the last 30 years. Sometimes funny, sometimes stomach churning, it’s all here in its uncensored glory for your reading pleasure! You’ve been warned!

The Quarantine Has Given Us Time To Create



I was working at a local media company here in Philadelphia. One of my advertising clients was a tanning salon. I became friendly with the owner. He was always complaining about his staff. I asked if I could start moonlighting there for some extra income.

He immediately hired me. One shift became two, then three, and within a month or so, I became full time. I was tired of working at the media company where I was currently employed. A publication that was no longer relevant in this city. Print was basically dead, but tanning salons were hanging by a thread.

But I enjoyed working there. It was a fun job. I met a lot of great people during my time there. But with every job, there’s always challenges… and temptations.

Sun Stories: Tales from a Tanning Salon, takes you on a sunny, and sometimes dark journey of my time working there. It’s filled with funny, unique, and sometimes cringe worthy tanning stories. But there were other forces at work there. What began as an easy part time gig, slowly evolved into a story filled with love, obsession, sex, and misadventure.


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