How to Make the Laws of Attraction Work Every Time

How do you make the Law of Attraction work every time? The secret is to discover one’s unconscious thinking in relation to what one desires to create consciously. If the unconscious thinking is in opposition to one’s desires, amend the counterproductive thinking into something that will align with one’s conscious desires. These easy steps will guide you through the process.


Be aware of what you are feeling, and through that, what situation or expectations you are creating. The most important thing is to always know and be aware of how you are feeling. In simple terms, if you are feeling bad (sad, mad, angry, stressed), that will attract bad things (more sadness, more madness, more anger, and so on). In the same aspect, if you are feeling happy and good, it will bring more happiness and good things or situations. While it is definitely not easy to always be feeling good, you just have to remind yourself that whatever you’re feeling will become your reality.

Breathe in deeply. This enables you to connect to what you are creating. On the exhale, expand to create more room for the connection. Surrender to what you are currently creating. Let go.

Take responsibility for what you are creating. Own it. Use the phrase “I want to experience (place here what you are experiencing)” because on some level you do want to experience it or you wouldn’t be experiencing it.

Visualize what you want, it could be anything from money, relationships, better health, a good grade on your paper, a new job, etc. You need to truly visualize and picture yourself having what you want already. Feel what it is to have what you want. The most important thing to remember about visualizing is you do not need to understand or think about how these good things will come. You only need to think about already having them, the rest will fall into place; just wait and see!

Find acceptance. Drop judgment of what you are creating to realize it is simply a creation. Discharge the energy or judgment typically associated with things that you don’t want. These unwanted things have been called negative, wrong, or bad.

Become aware of any unconscious thoughts creating against what you want consciously. Go through the first four steps with each unconscious thought that is hidden and in conflict with your conscious desires.

Make peace with the inner conflict about the situation. Bring both sides of your thinking together. Harmonize your conscious and unconscious thinking. Let them both speak and feel. Indeed two parts of you can be in disagreement with each other. Come to a place of being okay with each of them and feel the resulting peace.

Recreate. With awareness, acceptance, and peace brought to all parts of you regarding a situation, you have the power to recreate the circumstance and with a higher probability of long-lasting success.

Be grateful and actually happy with your current situation. Find whatever bright side there is to your situation. Even little things, for example, You are late for an appointment and there is no parking, but suddenly someone pulls out of the first spot and it’s yours! While many will overlook that, it’s a great example of something to be thankful for beyond the obvious things of being healthy, having family around you, being able to keep a roof over your head, etc. What you are grateful for will vary from person to person. If you can continuously be grateful day after day and truly feel good even amid the negative things around you, you will prevail.

Some examples

  • Bills: Your bills are piling up and there’s no hope in sight. Picture all those bills disappearing and money coming in instead (remember you don’t and shouldn’t think about how it will come, just that it will come).
  • Job: If you absolutely hate your job and your boss is just terrible and you’re constantly bogged down with work, try this. Picture your dream job or situation, visualize it every day and believe it’s possible. Who knows––your boss could get transferred and you can receive a promotion, whatever you want to happen!
  • Happy relationship: You really want to be in a healthy and happy relationship but you are not optimistic because you have only had bad experiences. Use the law of attraction for love! Picture your perfect situation, your perfect partner, feel what it is to be in a great happy relationship. Really believe it exists, daydream if you will. You never know! Your next trip to the grocery store, to Starbucks, or anywhere else for that matter could lead you to bump into the person of your dreams.


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7 Scientific Reasons You’re Attracted To That Special Someone (#3 Is Creepy)

When it comes to finding a romantic partner, we often equate attraction with beauty. But beauty in itself is not the only thing that attracts us. Science tells us that beauty is just one part of the equation. It seems that true romantic attraction goes way beyond the surface and is more closely linked to our subconscious urges to procreate. Here are seven scientific reasons why you’re likely attracted to a special someone.

He oozes confidence

The sexiest person in the room may not necessarily be the most beautiful person with perfect asymmetric features and a great body. It’s actually the person who projects self-confidence. So, why is self-confidence so darn sexy? Well, according to research published in the Society for Personality and Social Psychology,  it’s hard to see certain traits — like aptitude, ambition, social status, and compassion — in a potential love interest at first glance. Therefore, since we believe people actually know themselves, we assume that their perceived confidence (or lack of confidence) reflects positive traits that we’re looking for in a partner.

But there’s a fine line between self-confidence and overconfidence. Researchers decided to look at the advantage overconfident individuals might have in the dating world. What they found was that overconfident people were not seen as more attractive, and may in fact come across as being arrogant, which diminishes the benefits of being confident.

Opposites don’t attract, similarities do

Researchers have found that attraction happens from similarities, not differences.

If you share the same values, life experiences, age, and even similar levels of attractiveness, then there’s a good chance that special someone just might be your match. According to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, the adage suggesting opposites attract may not entirely be true. It seems that ongoing evidence finds that romantic couples often share strong similarities between ages, political and religious attitudes. However, they only share a moderate similarity in education, general intelligence, and values.

Interestingly, though, when it comes to personality, the similarities stop there. So, while you’re happy being the life of the party, your partner just might be happier hanging out at home watching a good movie. But that doesn’t mean you won’t find them attractive. According to another study published in the same journal, having similarities in physical attractiveness — meaning you’re both a ten or a two — also plays a role in the process of romantic attraction.

He reminds you of dad, she reminds you of mom

Your earliest relationships are formed with your mom or dad, so it makes sense that you might seek out partners that resemble your opposite or even same-sex parent. And it doesn’t stop with personality, suggests a study in the Journal of Human Behavior and Evolution. It may even include the same eye color and age, meaning that if you have younger parents, you might search for a younger partner.

But how can that be, you say, especially when you have such a poor relationship with mom or dad? Well, it all begins with the attachment theory, suggests Psychology Today. Apparently, the emotional bond that typically forms between a baby and primary caregiver is the gateway to influencing how you will connect to others as adults romantically and in other ways. It also creates a basis on how relationships work. So, if you’re hoping that he or she finds you attractive, look no further than his or her parents.

Women are subconsciously attracted to chest hair

If you’re a man who shaves or waxes the hair from your chest area — stop! Research published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior suggests that women find both muscular or huskier men, who possess hair on their chest area, more attractive than those who bare it all. It seems that chest hair plays a role in sexual selection for women. On a subconscious level, women see men with chest hair visually healthier and possessing a physical prowess — both, apparently, good traits for mating.

They smell so good!

Researchers have found that attraction has to do with pheromones.

Ever notice how some people just smell amazing? They may not be wearing perfume or aftershave, but their skin smells fantastic. Well, it turns out you’re likely sniffing their pheromones. Pheromones are a scent-inducing chemical that secretes in sweat and other bodily fluids. According to Scientific American, all creatures great and small — including humans — send out these chemical signals to entice mates. Bettina Pause, a psychologist at Heinrich Heine University of Düsseldorf, says, “We’ve just started to understand that there is communication below the level of consciousness.”

Your brain wants what it can’t have

Why is it that so many of us are drawn to that forbidden fruit? A study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology presented women with the same photograph of their potential dream man. Half of the women were told Mr. Right was single, while the other half were told he was in a relationship. Over 50 percent of the women were interested in pursuing a single guy. Interestingly, that figure jumped to 90 percent when they discovered he was already in a committed relationship. Yikes!

It could be that we are drawn to those we consider “out of our league” because we see them as the ideal model of ourselves. Maybe we develop these crushes to force ourselves to improve both physically and socially. Whatever the reason, keep a close eye on your guy!

Love at first sight linked to our primordial past

Apparently, we have inherited the brain circuitry for instant attraction or “love at first sight” because of our primordial past. Dr. Helen Fisher, a professor with the Department of Anthropology at Rutgers, told, “Like other mammals, our female forebears had a monthly period of heat.” And, like all mammals that have only a few hours, days, or weeks to mate, our ancestors had to become attracted quickly. So, the next time you find yourself head over heels in love at first sight, just chalk it up to your primal need to procreate.


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8 Nifty Psychological Tricks That Can Make You Irresistible

You may believe that love is something that just happens. But the truth is, there are plenty of surprising factors that can tip the balance toward “yes” or “no” — from holding a cup of hot or cold coffee to asking for a small favor. Staying yourself is always the best strategy, but if you feel that there is The One in front of you, you can give yourself a small psychological leg up. Using science to your advantage during your date won’t hurt anybody.

Bright Side discovered 8 secret tricks you can use so you don’t feel like a jerk, but like a kind magician. They will certainly help you to make the best first impression, but the rest is in your hands.

8. Go for a “warm date.”

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Researchers found that attraction can be linked to temperature. During the experiment, participants held cold and warm beverages while discussing a group of people. Those who had iced drinks in their hands tended to describe the people as harsh and cold, while those with hot drinks believed that they had warm personalities.

If such a simple act as holding something warm in our hands can make people more trusting and warm toward others, it’s easy to make it work to your advantage. All you have to do is skip out on the ice-cream date, and have a cup of warm coffee instead.

7. Mind your words when describing other people.

Studies show that anything you say about other people impacts how people see you. This effect is called spontaneous trait transference, and it works even if people know for sure that some traits don’t describe you. That’s why it’s better to avoid talking about people you don’t like or highlighting their negative sides. Focus on the positive and find something about others to compliment.

6. Be page 25.

All people are curious to some extent, but studies confirm that the desire to explore is higher in men. For example, a Quora user talked about a funny experiment. One book was published with a note at the beginning that said to read the text from the beginning till the end without looking at page 25 first. A large portion of men (unlike women) were so curious they opened it to page 25 right after buying the book.

This fact gives an easy win to women. If they are able to show themselves as mysterious and special (like page 25 in the experiment above), it wouldn’t be very difficult to gain the attention they want.

5. Repeat your date’s name.

In his book “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” Dale Carnegie mentioned that the sweetest and most important sound in any language to anyone’s ears is their name. It’s possible to make any person feel very important and valued by using their name during a conversation. So, if you tend to forget names the instant you hear them, think of ways that can help you remember during your date. Of course, this makes sense only if the outcome is important to you.

4. Follow the triangle.

You may have already heard that strong eye contact can increase our charm and make us more friendly and likable. But how do you look in the eyes of another person without making it creepy and uncomfortable? Try to draw an inverted triangle like it’s shown in the picture above. Stop at each point for 5–10 seconds at the beginning of your conversation.

Another simple way to look in someone’s eyes without feeling awkward is to check the persons’ eye color during your first meeting. It will take no longer than 2–3 seconds, but it will instantly make you more trustworthy.

3. Buy a small gift for yourself.

If you want to prepare a small surprise for your date, don’t forget about yourself. Studies show that people feel closer to others if they receive a gift that their partners have also bought for themselves. During the experiment, people who gave a gift with a note saying, “I hope you like this! I got myself the same one too!” were seen as more likable than when they only added a neutral message like, “Hope you enjoy!”

2. Ask for a favor.

This psychological trick is known as the Benjamin Franklin effect. It conveys the idea that we grow to like people for whom we do nice things. Moreover, when we ask someone for help, we communicate the idea that this person has more skills, knowledge, or strength than us. The key point here is to ask for something that won’t take a lot of time and effort — for example, open a door or hand something over.

1. Help yourself feel more attractive.

Yes, we know that it’s important to feel attractive. We also heard that it increases our confidence. Some of us put our best clothes on or try to impress our partners with something else. But knowing some facts science suggests can also be helpful.

For example, here is one way to increase that feeling for men — they should wear blue. According to studies, women are attracted to this color.

What trick would you like to try if you had a date? Do you think there is a trick that could work for you?


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How To Be More Attractive To Women & Get The Girl Of Your Dreams

Find out how to make yourself stand out from the rest.

When it comes to dating, it seems like some men have all the luck. So what do those men know about how to be more attractive to women that you don’t?

Women universally love and respect men who are strong.

While researching my book, Being the Strong Man a Woman Wants, one of the biggest complaints I heard from women is that today’s men don’t show initiative and lack grit. They say that men seem oblivious to problems and wait for women to tell them what to do. Even when they’re asked for input about something, men will say, “you decide.”

Single women told me that when they go out for coffee with a man, instead of taking the lead and selecting the place to go, he wants her to choose. And when they finally get somewhere, he wants her to pick the table.

To avoid accusations of being controlling, many men have now gone to the opposite extreme by completely avoiding being assertive. They think they’re showing that they’re non-controlling nice guys and can’t understand why women are frustrated and lose respect for them.

Here are three key ways to become a self-assured man any woman would love:

1. Show leadership

When a man sees a situation that needs to be dealt with, he should step forward and handle it. Women admire men who are willing to step up, instead of waiting for others to solve the problem.

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2. Make decisions

A man needs to make his share of decisions (like picking a restaurant and/or a table) and take ownership of the outcome, instead of blaming it on someone else. To many women, a man who avoids being decisive is shirking his responsibilities.

3. Take responsibility

Refrain from attacking someone about a situation, and instead, make an effort to improve it.

There is little sympathy for a man who blames a woman for making a bad choice — even when he thinks she pushed him into it. As the man, it’s your lot to skillfully manage and salvage unfortunate circumstances, as well as seek to attain ideal ones.

Despite these tips, it’s important to get to know your mate in order to get a feel for what she wants. Ask specific questions based on the above suggestions. You may be surprised by her response.


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If He Does These 7 Things, He Likes You Way More Than You Think

He’s ready to take it to the next step!

Buying you flowers, paying for your dinner, making uninterrupted eye contact with you during said dinner — these are all classic signs a guy likes you.

These signs he’s into you are so “run of the mill” that they’re impossible to mistake.

But relationships aren’t always that black and white and figuring out how to tell if a guy likes you isn’t always so simple. If you’re asking yourself, “is he into me?” you aren’t alone.

Aside from the obvious signs of affection, there are a few unexpected signs someone likes you more than you think.

Since every relationship is as different as the people in them, it’s impossible to generalize the exact signs he likes you.

The way your new potential partner acts around you may be completely different than the behavior of an ex at the beginning of your relationship, which can cause you to question whether or not they really like you at all.

But believe it or not, the nuanced, subtle signs that you might not expect are oftentimes even more powerful indicators of someone’s true feelings than the grand gestures or stereotypical come-ons.

Instead of calling it quits because your new partner isn’t giving you the cues you expected, take a step back and evaluate their behavior through some of these more unexpected but important signs a guy likes you more than a friend.

1. He follows through.

In the beginning stages of a relationship, many people are focused on building trust and will go to great lengths to follow through on promises.

Although many people expect lavish promises at the beginning of a new relationship, The Huffington Post noted that the opposite might be true.

The site noted that if the person you’re seeing takes extra measures to make sure that they call when they say they’ll call, or follow through in other ways, you can assume that your relationship means something to them.

2. He takes it slow.

Although passion and speed might be common at the start of a new relationship, one piece from Thought Catalog pointed out that slowness isn’t a bad thing when it comes to relationships.

In fact, if someone wants to take it slow, it’s probably because the fear of messing things up with you is greater than their desire to get too intimate too soon.

3. You cultivate a friendship first.

Similar to taking it slow, if you have a genuine friendship established before jumping into anything romantic, you can rest assured that they like you in a deep way that goes beyond a crush.

4. He acts awkward toward you.

If your significant other seems to be calm, cool, and confident in front of everyone else but you, Elite Daily noted that they might just like you more than you think.

It’s common for people to be unsure of how to act in a new relationship, even when they typically seem to have it all together.

5. He acts ‘formulaic’ around you.

In one of his YouTube coaching videos, relationship coach Clayton Olson said that “formulaic” behavior is a bizarre behavior that a potential partner will sometimes exhibit at the beginning of a relationship.

This, he explained, means that they will follow an already established formula when it comes to your interactions, avoiding spontaneity or situations where they don’t feel comfortable.

Although it may make you feel like they’re being too reserved or boring, it’s simply a way to mask their initial feelings of being outside their comfort zone.

6. He mirrors your movements.

Mimicry has to do with a lot more than sympathy (i.e. the way we reel back sympathetically when someone gets hurt) it has something to do with affection too.

One study from the American Psychological Association noted that subtle mirroring is a sign of attraction in humans.

7. He doesn’t mind the inconveniences to be near you.

Are they willing to drive extra long hours to be with you for a short amount of time?

If things that would normally seem like an inconvenience aren’t a big deal to them, chances are, they’re head over heels.


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