10 Halloween Date Night Ideas You and Your Partner Will Love

Even if the spooky season’s your absolute favorite (what’s not to love?), you still might feel exhausted at the thought of attending a Halloween party. After years of putting effort into a punny costume, dressing up and hitting the town, maybe you’ve just outgrown it, and you’d rather stay home with your partner and go to bed by 10 p.m. instead.

Not so fast! There are so many awesome ideas for Halloween-themed date nights that are perfect if you’re not planning on going out but still want to ring in the holiday somehow. Some of them are scary, some of them are cozy, but all of them are the absolute best this time of year. Below, find the fun activity you should do with your boo before November starts.

1. Watch scary movies.

Cuddle up on the couch and have yourself a marathon complete with every Scream sequel, lots of Halloween candy, and some warm, cozy cocktails.

2. Carve pumpkins.

It’s a messy, on-theme activity that you can get creative with. Make a jack-o’-lantern you’ll both love, like your college logo if you and your partner have the same alma mater.

3. Go to an amusement park or carnival.

Lots of amusement parks will be on theme for Halloween. Ride some roller coasters, run through some impromptu corn mazes, and get scared by rogue employees that are a little too excited to dress up for the month of October.

4. Attend a midnight screening.

And don’t think you can get away with seeing a regular film at midnight on Halloween—think horror or at least a psychological thriller. Come on now.

5. Even better if it’s at a drive-in.

Yes, drive-in movies still exist, and we guarantee you and your partner will spend the entire night squeezing each other. That’s how spooky it’ll be.

6. Pay a visit to a haunted house.

Or a corn maze, ghost tour, or hayride. If it’s spooky, it’ll get the job done. The eerie activities are endless.

7. Bake Halloween-inspired treats.

Ghosts, bats, pumpkins, skulls, and so on. Aren’t sugar cookies the best?

8. Tell scary stories (bonus points for setting up a bonfire first).

Cue the Are You Afraid Of The Dark? flashbacks. A flashlight to hold beneath your face is absolutely mandatory.

9. Visit a graveyard.

Any time of year will be creepy, but October’s perfect if you’re really trying to get spooked. Thrill-seekers will love this one.

10. Dress up and be creepy on your porch while handing out candy.

If little kids scream in horror at your costumes, you know you’ve succeeded.


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31 Cute Christmas Date Ideas (31 Dates of Christmas)

It is time to spend the days before Christmas with the one you love the most- your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse.

Show the person how much you care this Christmas with some well planned out Christmas date ideas.

There is 31 days of Christmas in my opinion (every day of December) so here are 31 Christmas Date Ideas to keep you covered for the month of December.

Christmas date ideas

Our absolute favorite festive holiday dates you can use on the 31 days of December (it’s still Christmas until it’s the New Year right?) At least that’s what Starbucks thinks…

1. Indoor Christmas Picnic

It is freezing outside but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a picnic!

Prepare some of the most Christmas-y food ever like roast turkey, pumpkin pie, and eggnog, and make yourself a cute little indoor Christmas picnic.

2. Christmas Treasure Hunt

Every Easter Mike makes me an easter egg hunt and hides little eggs around the house.

It will be cool to create a Christmas treasure hunt where you hide little Christmas-y goodies around the house for each other to find!

Maybe you could buy some little chocolate-coated Santas or candy canes.

Who says adults don’t enjoy treasure hunts?!

3. A Romantic Sleigh Ride

One of the cutest and most romantic experiences we had was going for a Christmas sleigh ride in Poland.

Look up to see if there is a sleigh ride in your local area. It is a bit of an expensive date but it is something you will remember for years to come

It might sound corny but bring with you ‘One Horse Open Sleigh’ and let that music pump out as you ride along. Hey, gives it a little extra ambiance!


4. Xmas Markets

There is nothing better than to get the pair of you into the Christmas spirit than to visit a city with a good Xmas Market.

Europe has the best Xmas Markets we have seen.

If you can’t afford a spontaneous trip to Europe you might have to settle with some good Xmas Lights.

5. Book a surprise Christmas Trip

Book your partner a surprise Christmas trip somewhere special that they always wanted to visit.

Ideally, book a trip somewhere with some good Christmas ambiance.


6. Build a Gingerbread House

Building a gingerbread house is so fun and hate to admit it but a little frustrating.

For this reason, it is the PERFECT Xmas activity to do as a couple.

Building a gingerbread house will help you learn to work more cohesively as a couple.


7. A Night Snuggled by The Fireplace

A night spent snuggled by the fireplace is something that just HAS to be done at Christmas.

Get the most snuggly blankets, warm hot chocolate, and marsh-mellows, and let the snuggly night in begin!

8. Visit a Christmas Window Display

Often shopping centre windows have the coolest Christmas exhibits.

Walk hand in hand down the street and admire the Christmas exhibits.

New York is always a good place for this date.

9. Go Stargazing

On a cold winter’s night, there is nothing more romantic than putting a few reclined chairs in the back yard, sitting on them covered with blankets with hot cocoa in hand as you stargaze.

There is something about crisp, fresh winter air that sets the tone for romance.


10. Build a Snowman

Do you want to build a snowman?

Ehh, of course, I do!

If it is snowing you simply have to build a snowman together at Christmas.

Building a snowman can lead to other fun activities like having a snowball fight!

11. Go for a Camping trip

Take your sweetheart on a romantic camping trip.

Get the campfire going, burn some marshmallows and smores over the campfire, sing some love songs, and watch the shooting stars overhead.

If the weather is too cold you might like to consider hiring a cabin for this Christmas date instead.

12. Ice skating

One of the most romantic Christmas Date Ideas is to go ice skating together.

Ice-skating is always a romantic and fun idea for couples to spend some quality time together.

Plus, it features just about every rom-com movie.

13. Xmas Photo Shoot

If you are young enough not to have your own family why not start a dorky couple’s Xmas photo shoot tradition.

Channel the Kardashians’ Xmas cards and do a different theme every Christmas.

You may or may not want to send the finished product to your family and friends.

14. Go Caroling

One of the funniest things we ever did was go caroling at Christmas.

We actually did this as a group family activity but it would be equally fun and cute to do together as a couple.

It takes a bit of guts but getting dressed up and going caroling is something you will talk about for years to come!

15. Pick out a Christmas Tree from a Tree Farm

Picking out a Christmas Tree absolutely SCREAMS it’s Christmas!

Picking out the perfect Xmas tree together is totally Griswolds and I LOVE IT!

Or, it could be a little more romantic aka not Griswold style but either way, get a tree.

After getting said tree, you need to decorate it.

If you are a crafty couple, it would be cute to make your own decorations to give your tree its own unique touch.


16. Look at neighborhood Xmas Lights

Ever since I was a kid, I loved going around the neighborhood and looking at all the Christmas lights.

Get out the directory of all the houses decorated in your local neighborhood and drive around to see them all!

17. Go Sledding

Sledding is so fun and it is even more fun when you do it with your significant other.

There are sled runs in virtually every place it snows. The best one ever is in Oslo Norway if you ever visit.

18. Watch Xmas Vacation

It is NOT Christmas if you have not watched Christmas Vacation together.

If your significant other does not want to watch Christmas Vacation with you then they are not a keeper. End of story.

19. Go Xmas Shopping as a couple

A couple that Xmas shops together stays together.

Xmas shopping can be the most painful event ever but making it more fun with a loved one by looking at the Xmas displays, stopping to get a Xmas drink from Starbucks, and trying on some funny Xmas outfits makes it SO much more bearable.

Buy some cute Christmas PJs to wear on Xmas day.

20. Start a new tradition

Christmas is all about traditions. You need to think of some new traditions you can start as a couple.

Maybe it is a special Xmas ice cream or watching a romantic Xmas movie each year like Love Actually.

Starting a tradition can light the fire in a relationship and remind both of you of the love you feel for each other.

21. Make some Christmas Craft

Are you feeling crafty today?

Get up on youtube or Pinterest and find some cute Christmas craft you can make together.

You can use it to decorate your house or the Christmas tree to really feel the Xmas cheer!

22. Bake a Turkey Together

It is not Christmas until a turkey has been consumed.

Baking a good, delicious turkey is an art and one that should be tackled together as a couple.

Making this turkey will either make or break your relationship – just sayin’

Here are some Christmas Turkey Recipes to set you on the right track!

23. Make some Eggnog

If turkey is a bit hardcore you might like to take an easier challenge and make some eggnog together.

24. Christmas Karaoke

What is better and more fun than just plain karaoke? Christmas Karaoke of course.

You can either look up some bars doing Christmas karaoke or do your own Christmas karaoke at home using a PlayStation.

25. Go to Disney on Ice

There is nothing cuter and Christmas-y than Disney on ice!

Who doesn’t love Disney in general and when it is on ice at Christmas time it is even better and more magical.

And no, you don’t need a kid to go to Disney on ice!

26. Play a Christmas Themed Board Game

Play a new fun Christmas themed board game.

There is so many cool Christmas themed board games out there. Monopoly brings out a cool new Christmas board game each year

27. Make a Christmas time capsule

Got some hopes and dreams for the next year?

Why not put them into a time capsule that you can’t open until Christmas next year.

Bury it and see if all your wishes came true or not the following year.

28. Polar Plunge

This is one for all the insane couples out there and well YOLO!

Find a local lake or the sea and go for the Christmas polar plunge.

I know this is traditionally a New Years’ thing but I think it’s a fun Christmas activity too!

29. Boogy out to Xmas Tunes

Does your town have a Christmas radio station?

We are having a great time right now boogying out to the Carolina Xmas Radio station.

30. Brew your own Xmas Beer

Feeling crafty today?

Every year my Grandad brews his own Xmas beer. I think it is kind of a neat idea and it would be really fun to do as a couple.

If you don’t know how to brew beer you might need to look up some handy Youtube tutorials.

31. Write each other Xmas Love Letters

I had to save the cutest and corniest of all holiday dates for last now, didn’t I?

Write each other Xmas love letters and read them on Xmas morning! Awww how cute!!!

Bonus: Kiss under the Mistletoe: The Ultimate Christmas Date idea!

How could I forget?!

The mother of all Xmas date ideas is to kiss under the mistletoe.

Don’t forget to do it or your love is surely doomed!

Winter Date Ideas

If you don’t want a stereotypically holiday date but want something wintery and fun to keep yourself occupied this holiday season, here are our favorite winter date ideas:

Ice sculpture class

Taking an ice sculpture class is something that is both interesting and creative to do together.

It will also come with some serious bragging rights as it is not every day you get to go to an ice sculpting class.

ice sculpture class date idea

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5 Countries Where Local Women Are Attracted To White Men



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Sarika – Song of the Black Widow

God, she’s beautiful. I couldn’t find a stock picture on the internet to capture the delightful beauty of this girl. She is so pretty. Indian. Exotic. The type of beauty you’d almost pay for to be seen with at an event. She is probably one of the most beautiful women I know in Philly. But she recently reached out to me to come hang at a happy hour and a brand new place in Rittenhouse, called Scarpetta. Smith and Wolensky’s is gone and now that place is here. It’s in the Rittenhouse Hotel. She also mentioned that she wants me to come up to her apartment and check out her new place at the Dorchester. I am so glad I have reconnected with her. This vacuous she-devil is such a good character for this work. I am a huge fan of lovely Sarika.

I got to Scarpetta around 5:30. They’ve done a nice job with the place. It’s dark and intimate. The bar looks the same but they’ve opened up the place a bit. There’s only the one bar, but they have a lounge in the back and there is a dining room upstairs. I look around for Sarika but I don’t see her. I’m chatting with the manager and then I look out the window and see her walking towards the building.

Sarika looks amazing as always. We grab a couple of drinks at the bar and sit in this cool little area by ourselves near the window. Rittenhouse Square looks beautiful. It’s all decorated for the holidays.There are strings of bulbs in the trees and the whole park twinkle with light. She is having some sort of light pink beverage that I didn’t catch the name of, and I’m having the old-fashioned. Normally, cocktails are around fifteen dollars, but during happy hour they’re half price. So that’s something I can live with for now.

I ask her what she’s been up to and she says she’s been going on a lot of dates. Turns out that weasel she wanted to bring to my eighty dollar a plate New Years party last year has been gone for a while. I remember she was so into that guy. Apparently they were together off and on for two years. She says she wasted her best years on him and now she’s old. She’s 28! Come on Sarika, you are still but a child. She said he was a jerk to her and probably never loved her. I get her laughing, and start thinking that the black widow isn’t so bad after all. She may be smart as a whip, but she’s still a young woman navigating her way through love and life. I even joke that she probably has a blood-red hour-glass tattooed on her belly.

I do love pretty things, and she is no exception.

I tell her she looks great as always. She has been in some sunny destinations lately, so her skin is a darker brown than normal. I like it. It makes her look even more mysterious and exotic. I mention it and she immediately asks if I think it looks ugly. She always says things like that. She is so smart but so immature at the same time. She’s also a bit of a chatterbox. I think most men can’t handle that and don’t like a girl who talks too much. I don’t mind it. I like a girl who has things to say and experiences to share. I love to talk and entertain a woman, so it’s nice when I have a chatty girl so I don’t have to do all of the work. Women like a good listener and I grew up with three sisters. But what I can’t stand is what Carol used to do. Just babbling on nonstop like a tire spinning in the snow. (See: Carol 5/2014 to 8/2016 – There’s No Fun In Dysfunction)

I once read that women speak up to 20,000 words a day, compared to men, who speak only 12,000. So when we get home…We’re done!

It is puzzling how a woman this strikingly beautiful can’t keep a man. But the more you’re around her the more it makes sense. She says she’s been finding men on an app called J Swipe. It’s like Tinder for Jews. I asked her why that app? She said Jewish men normally appreciate women more, have good jobs, and have money. Sounds like she’s hunting for a husband. I think one of the challenges Sarika is facing is that she may be viewed more as a conquest. A creature to be captured and checked off of some list, because she’s so beautifully exotic.

She said she went out with a guy on Monday and even had a date with a pilot after our happy hour. So I assume I won’t be getting a tour of that gorgeous apartment in her building tonight. Sarika has a very busy life. She travels a great deal for her job as a scientist. I know she was formerly an engineer, but now I guess she’s a scientist. She makes great money and spends her other free time hopping on planes and taking little trips. It sounds like a fun life with all of the dating, and jet setting vacations, but it almost seems like she doesn’t want to be alone in her apartment. She’s crazy dating now. It’s good that she’s getting out there and meeting people after two years wasted with weasel man. But again, I can see men wanting her because she’s so beautiful, but she’s kind of annoying to talk to for any length of time. So if they get the opportunity to sleep with her they may not stick around.

Sarika is very intelligent and a nerd. I have taken her to Science after Hours at the Franklin Institute in the past. She loved it like a child. We went to see Jurassic World last summer, and Guardians of the Galaxy is her favorite movie. If my friend Duncan finds that up he’ll probably move up here from North Carolina. You would think guys would find that hot. A pretty girl who likes guy stuff and sci-fi, but it hasn’t worked. Maybe one of these many men that she is meeting for dates, will be rich and just marry her as a trophy wife. But sadly, people are funny about race in this country. They may want to sleep with a hot girl, but they may not want to bring and Indian woman back home to meet the family. I personally I have nothing against it. If you have been reading this blog, you know I love all different kinds of women. As Hank Moody says in the show Californication, “I got all your albums. I love you all and you and you included, Sarika.”

My buddy Church shows up at Scarpetta. I’m happy to see him. Once Sarika  goes on her date at One Tippling Place up the street, he and I can go to Square 1682 and have a drink. Church knows everybody in the restaurant and bar business in this town, so when he orders a drink and the server brings it over, she says, “This one is on Nathan.” He’s the GM there so Church got the hook up. I get another drink, but Sarika is only having the one so she doesn’t show up drunk for her date at 7:00.

While I was waiting at the bar to get my drink, Church chatted with Sarika. I was a little glad that it took the bartender a little time to get to me and make my drink. Normally I don’t like that, but I thought it would give Church a chance to talk to Sarika.

I get back to our little area by the window. We all chat a bit more. Sarika has to go soon, so she heads back to the ladies room. Church tells me she wouldn’t stop talking and it was driving him crazy. He’s been on edge lately, and listening to Sarika go on about something was annoying him. He said something to the effect, “I wanted to put a gun in my mouth.” He said she is so vacuous and self-absorbed and all she talked about was herself.

He once said that about another attractive girl who talked a lot. He was in a car with her and she was talking non stop and he said, “I wanted to leap right out of the car while it was going 70 miles per hour down the highway.”

Sarika returns, and I put her coat on for her. I tell her I will pay for the one drink she had. She tells me she’ll get me next time. I give her a kiss on the cheek good-bye and she’s off. I get the bill for my two old-fashioneds and her dainty drink. It should come to over $22 plus tax. I look at it and it’s only $15. So I got the hookup because I was with Church.

Dude certainly has the power.

I think next we’ll do a happy hour with my friend Carly.  So the night went well and again without incident.

So maybe my pretty little arachnid is finally growing up.

I love Sarika. She is beautiful, and I enjoy her company, if nobody else does, and I can’t wait to see her again.

(Oh… and if you’ve somehow found this and other stories Sarika, I’ll understand if you cut me off. The truth always hurts more than fiction)


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