People Who Have Good Relationships Don’t Have To Tell Everyone on Facebook

What makes a good relationship? If I asked this question a few decades ago, you would have started listing: love, care, respect, understanding.

If I asked you the same question forty or fifty years ago, I would have been told that a good relationship is based on respect, loyalty, shared family values, and similar social backgrounds.

There is no need to delve into it anymore, as things have changed. A lot. Nowadays, no one will believe you are happy in love in case they do not see it on social media.

People think you are avoiding commitment in case you do not show them off regularly on social media, and thus causes a strain on the relationship. Actually, new couples officialize their relationship when they post their first photo on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and the like.

Jane Greer, Ph.D., a New York-based relationship expert and author of What About Me?: Stop Selfishness From Ruining Your Relationship, says:

“This is a violation of both your partner’s and relationship’s privacy and only shows your desperate need to feel important and be noticed. It’s more important to look at your relationship through your own eyes than portray it for the world to see and judge.”

Experts agree that in case you constantly feel the need to post about your relationship with your partner, you feel insecure as an individual or in your relationship.

Rori Sassoon, premier matchmaker and CEO of Platinum Poire, maintains:

“Commenting and including your partner on everything you do is what an insecure or codependent relationship looks like. And if it’s your partner who is constantly commenting and including you on everything he or she posts, he or she is either trying to claim you as his or her property or showing signs of codependency.”

The most disturbing truth is that people have become so addicted to social media, that it seriously affects their life.

Jonathan Bennett, relationship expert, life coach, and certified counselor in Columbus, Ohio, explains that people are constantly being shown images of what the ‘ideal’ relationship looks like, and it can put a lot of strain on relationships that don’t live up to “the ridiculous standards set by celebrity couples”.

While seeing all those “happy” people out there, many become depressed and anxious, as they could never afford a luxurious life, and many stay in a toxic relationship just to impress their followers.

A change in the relationship status or deleting all photos with your ex quickly causes a scandal, so you need to explain things to everyone.

Keeping up with the image one has created on social media is difficult and exhausting.

In reality, most truly happy couples spend as much time as they can together and do not worry about what others think of them.

On the other hand, a pair that looks perfectly on social media could be highly dysfunctional in real life. Many people who constantly post inside jokes, pictures of themselves doing romantic activities, and confess their love for each other, are actually doing it to convince everyone else they’re in a happy and healthy relationship, to trick themselves into thinking they are in a happy and healthy relationship.

According to sexologist Nikki Goldstein, people who post the most are the ones are seeking validation for their relationship from other people on social media.

The likes and comments can be so validating that insecure people get their up from them, not the person making the gesture, but what other people will say about it.

According to a 2016 survey of 170 undergraduates in relationships that investigated “the relationship between online self-presentation and offline relational characteristics” found that couples who focused on making it work in the real world, instead of on the social media, were more likely to stay committed and happy in their relationships.

Therefore, you need to break free from the pressure the new era has put on us, and work to make your relationship succeed.

You should not get upset if your partner does not like to post a new photo of you two together, or if you do not chat all the time. What is important is to pay attention to the things that matter, talk face-to-face and spend your free time together, loving and caring for each other.

You do not owe anyone to show that you are happy, you should feel happy instead. Focus on your intimacy, not on the image other people have for you.

Be open with your partner, talk about your desires, plans, problems, ambitions, and dreams. Be honest from the start, as nothing can be created based on lies and pretending. Be yourself instead.

Spend time on your favorite locations, plan your dates, and make sure you have good communication.

Don’t be afraid to forgive and apologize, as everyone makes mistakes. Celebrate each other’s achievements in life, support your partner, and motivate him/her to pursue his/her dreams.

Everyone will post lovely comments on the photos of you two together, but no one will genuinely care when you argue and face difficulties. therefore, make sure you strengthen your relationship regardless of the opinions of others and make sure your partner knows she/he can always lean on you.

Remember, you need to care for the needs of your partner as well, and not only for your own. Pay attention not to stay distant in your relationship our of the fear that you will end up hurt, as in this way, you will both be dissatisfied and unfulfilled.

Honor your relationship to create a healthy base, and enjoy a loving, faithful, and meaningful relationship that will make your life beautiful.


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11 Things Couples Should Quit Doing on Social Media

Social media has become the outlet of the generation. With all the things you can share about your relationship, which ones should you quit sharing?

With the variety of ways one can diminish privacy these days, it does not come as a surprise how much information people get to share to the whole wide world. Privacy has little or no meaning at all. Not everything can be shared to everyone and there are things that people should not even be sharing publicly to people in their social networks.

Tacky things couples do on social media.

We all know that one couple that makes us feel like we are already a part of their relationship, because we are exposed to every inch of detail that they are doing. Trivial things such as waking up with their just-got-out-of-the-bed look, or what they have been feeding their dogs or each other. Here are a few of the many things that couples should stop doing on social media.

#1 They never fail to say these words to each other – But instead of saying it, they type it on each other’s social media profiles. Have you ever come across posts that have too many I-love-you’s or I-miss-you’s? It is like they never see each other on a daily basis, and they do not have time to actually utter these words to each other. And if they get tired of typing it, they find pictures or memes with these words written on them – which is kind of worse.

Come on guys, you basically live under the same roof, it does not hurt to actually say these words out loud rather than type it on social media. The whole world already knows how much you love each other. We get it. It’s okay if there’s a special occasion like a birthday, Christmas or a special day, but to see it on a daily basis, it gets really annoying.

#2 It is just their faces on their profiles, and no one else is there with them. Have you ever come across a couple who never posts anything else other than their couple selfies? We get pictures of their faces, only their faces, even though they say they are having a blast at the beach, or pictures of just their faces even though they say there are experiencing a great time in Paris. Or say they are having dinner in a fancy restaurant but yet again, we never see any of the food nor the restaurant, just their faces squeezed in that 3-by-3 inch square.

It is not that the couples should stop taking photos of their faces, but perhaps they should consider that their entire social network is now getting sick of looking at their mugs.

#3 Every single detail of their day, no matter how mundane. They had sushi and maki for dinner. They forgot to buy pillows. They did not know that the girl has her period and needed to rush to the grocery store. They failed to have sexual intimacy last night, which is why the guy is in a rather bad mood. They make their social media profiles their diaries and never fail to update it – whatever they do and wherever they go.

We can practically stalk them. And worse, they just post too much private information that makes us, their followers, want to cringe. The line must be drawn with what kind of information couples share online.

#4 This account is owned by MrandMrsHopelesslyinLove. Joint social media accounts, there is no explanation as to why these couples only have one social media account. You will never know who is posting what, who will see your message or who is posting the comments.

We get that the two of you are so open to each other that you do not mind receiving messages that are not intended for you but for your partner, and well, you read it anyway. But individuality and privacy should be respected, even though you are already married. Each of you is still allowed to have your own lives.

#5 The other half of the couple oddly reacts to a tagged photo of the other with a member of the opposite sex. We’ve all come across this couple of times. The male gets tagged with a photo of him and another female that isn’t the girlfriend or wife or vice versa. And guess who reacts or comments first with a sarcastic remark? The girlfriend or wife, of course! And after ten minutes, we would see that it has become a full online battle and both of them airing each other’s dirty laundry.

The world is bad enough with impending wars and deaths, so please take your petty fights to the bedroom where none of us can be a witness to it.

#6 What happens when the fighting is over? They make up, of course! And where do they make up? Online, in the same thread. With a lot of sorrys and I-love-you’s and empty promises of not fighting again. Can we just block them now?

#7 Social media seems to be the first choice when ranting these days. Where have your friends gone? What happened to those people that you can call or talk to when you have had a fight with your significant other? Did you forget them now?

Oftentimes, we see half of the couple posting rants about how their significant other has made yet another huge mistake, and they don’t think they can forgive their partner this time. We are now very much aware of all the negative things his or her partner has done. Wow. Isn’t this sounding more and more like a soap opera?

#8 Social media seems to still be the first choice when raving these days. But on the brighter side of things, we also see all the positive side the other half has done! As much as this person rants about the negative things, the person also raves about the positive things. Your appreciation of what your partner has done for you will go a longer way, if you directed this to them, not to your online social media profile.

#9 Post intercourse selfies. Need there be any explanation for this?

#10 As you scroll down your newsfeed, you see that one male has written a lot of sweet words on one female’s profile or vice versa. You will first think that it is so sweet of this male to post his proposal to this female on her social profile. But wait. What? Shouldn’t that be done in person? But then, minutes later, the female responds with an all caps YES! Talk about tacky to the n-th degree!

#11 As you scroll down your newsfeed again, you see that one individual has written really rude words to their partner, revealing at the end that they want a break-up. Not only is this embarrassing to both parties involved, but again, shouldn’t this be done in person? The whole world will now know why they have broken up, and if that isn’t enough, everyone’s aware of the nasty reasons for the break up.

Relationship milestones are very important and each couple should be grateful for the presence of their partners in their lives. However, this appreciation should be personal, should not be done online with the whole world as their audience, and should be just between the two of them.

It’s easy to fall trap to the so-called online diary that is social media. But when you really think about it, wouldn’t messages delivered in person be so much sweeter than just receiving a notification on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram?


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8 Annoying Social Media Users that Make You Wanna Scream

Social media is the paradise to attention seekers. We’ve read your minds and come up with the things you really wish you could tell them!

We all have friends who are confident, and we also have those friends whose confidence teeters the fine line of narcissistic self-absorption. Our friends’ personality traits are transparent today more than ever, thanks to social media, which is both a good and bad thing. Social media gives them an excuse to be one click away from posting about their latest exploits as if the whole world were interested.

Online, these attention seekers would be posting all about their new diet, their new hairstyle, their latest relationship update and even what some random guy said about them while they were on the bus. They do this so relentlessly, and so mercilessly, that your news feed ends up being bombarded by these unnecessary posts!

What you wish you could say to these attention seekers

We know you’re not mean. But there are certain thoughts that pass through your mind whenever you see one of these narcissists upload their latest selfie. Here are some of the things you just wish you could blurt out to them.

#1 To the friend who makes sure you know they workout. This is the friend who wants you to know they are a “gym rat” and exactly how many calories they burned, and how many they consume… Every. Single. Day. This friend runs marathons, promotes CrossFit and lets us know about every juice cleanse they partake in. Not only do they text you this information, but they also post pictures at the gym with #gymselfie on their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

You really want to tell this friend that you get it, you get they like working out. You want to tell them how you work out too, you just don’t post it everyday because you’re normal. You want to ask them how the heck they are able to take so many pictures while working out, and most of all, you want to remind them that they are not the first person in the world to train for a marathon, not even close.

#2 To the friend who’s always taking seductive selfies. It’s hard to believe people used to commission paintings and self-portraits, especially given our crazy selfie-taking world today. To your 24/7 selfie-posting friend, you wish you could remind them that yes, everyone knows what he or she looks like from all angles, with all types of lighting, with every single mirror.

You want to tell her she comes across desperate when she posts photos of her standing in front of her bedroom mirror, half-naked wearing a black silk slip, with captions like “staying in tonight, nothing to wear, #foreveralone.” You want to tell her she’s single because her selfie-taking ways are more obnoxious than they are attractive, and that the type of guy she actually wants to attract isn’t into her self-absorbed ways. You really want to tell her she isn’t a Victoria’s Secret model, she’s not even a model.

#3 To the friend who’s always complaining. Social media is a great way to communicate. We all use social media for different reasons. Some people post music, movie reviews, the latest news, updates on their lives and so on.

But to your friend who uses social media to simply talk negatively about every single thing, you wish you could just tell them to have a tall glass of shut the hell up. It’s bad enough that awful things are happening around the world. There’s no point in dragging down everyone else or asking for a pity party whenever something trivially bad happens to them.

#4 To the friend who’s always making sure everyone knows they are in love. It’s fine if someone’s so in love with their significant other that their social media account looks like a Valentine’s Day ad. But what gets annoying is when it’s all they ever post about, as if their whole personality were erased when their love life took over. Are they expecting congratulations left and right for finding a significant other?

You just wish you could tell her to get a room to keep her profile from looking like a softcore porn site, with all those kissing pictures and those after sex shots. It starts to look desperate when people post too much lovey-dovey stuff, as if it were an attempt to prove to the world that their relationship is perfect when it isn’t.

#5 To the friend who never fails to remind you of their big boobs. This friend has big boobs. She reminds everyone all the time about her big boobs. You want to tell her to stop posting things like “never forget that with a positive attitude and a great pair of tits you can do anything!” and that she sounds trashy.

You want to tell her the photos with captions like “bored” and “late night pic” actually has nothing to do with either of those things because it’s just a photo with her tits hanging out. You want to remind her that if she’s a friend with any of her family members on social media, her boob comments and photos are even more disturbing. You want to tell her less is more. And that Hooters doesn’t hire girls based on their Facebook pics.

#6 To the friend who’s always talking about the sights they are seeing. Travelling is great and all. But there are just some people out there who have practically memorized their plane’s seat plans for the purpose of bragging about it on social media.

We get it, you think you’re a “jetsetter.” There’s really no need to flood everyone’s feed with clichéd pictures of random views and plane window shots. Stuff it all into a folder and post it as an album!

#7 To the friend who’s still reminding you a year later she got married. This friend is still reliving her wedding day from over a year ago. Trust me, I get it, getting married is a huge deal! It’s something that only happens once in your life… Usually.

You want to tell her she looked beautiful on her wedding day, but you also want to remind her you’ve already told her she’s beautiful over 100 times on the thousands of wedding photos she keeps posting. You want to remind her that she’s not a celebrity, even if she looked like one on her wedding day.

#8 To the friend who doesn’t shut up about being pregnant or having kids. After marriage, your friends start having babies, and thanks to social media, they keep us informed 24/7 about the trimester they are in, what their sonogram looks like, what junior’s baby booties look like, and so on. You want to tell them that no one cares about your baby eating spaghetti-O’s, or how similar you find your baby photos and your baby’s current photos, because DUH! It’s your freaking child. I would hope you share a resemblance!

You want to tell them posting things about poopy diapers make you want to vomit, and questions like “Moms—have any of you tried cloth diapers, and if so, what did you think?” is so silly because there is this really great search engine called “Google,” which allows looking things like this up to be really easy. And you want to tell them to try that instead.


Saying these things out loud to your annoying social media friends can result in the loss of your friendship or even an online flame war. Divulge these thoughts at your own risk!


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The Happy Couple’s Guide to Social Media Etiquette

Want a perfect blend of stress-free and happy social media experience and a blissful love life? Keep these 15 things all couples must follow in mind.

While more wars have been fought out of love than hate, many more hearts have been broken out of social media than anything else.

“Why did you add him to your friends list?” “Why do you keep liking her posts/retweeting her tweets?” “Why does she keep commenting on your posts about me?” “Why is your office mate always so close to you on your photos?” “Why haven’t you changed your relationship status yet?”

These and more are the issues we face today, when Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other social media sites have become such an integral part of our lives. So many small, seemingly insignificant things can make or break our relationships—and even our marriages. A lot—if not all—of our information is readily available on social media, and the concept of personal and couple privacy is being constantly challenged.

So, before your next bae and you become entangled and drowned in the double-edged sword that is social media, consider the following tips to put some order and propriety through all the tweet and status post banalities.

Social media etiquette – 15 things happy couples must always follow

Ladies and gents, here is the happy couple’s guide to social media etiquette. If you want a great relationship with your significant other, make sure you’re keeping these in mind!

#1 On your relationship status. Your relationship status as a couple must be a mutual decision. Considering the power of social media, it will be a problem if one person changes a single status to “in a relationship” with you, while you remain single. However, if your partner doesn’t want to post a relationship status on Facebook, understand his or her stance and be mature about it.

#2 TMI is really TMI. Stop the overdose of information. You may be over-the-moon with your partner being such a wonderful person and you’re bursting to tell the world all about it; however, learn some self-control. Not everyone appreciates seeing all the inner-workings of your relationship, and keep in mind that the most important things in life are better enjoyed in private.

#3 Your profile page is not a pity party. Avoid posting about nasty fights and angry messages aimed at your partner. Whether it is on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other site, you can’t solve anything by airing your dirty laundry. At best, your friends will laugh about it behind your back. And at worst, your partner will hate you more for it.

If you really want to talk to someone, send them a private message, give them a call, or better yet, talk to them face to face.

#4 “Friend” with care. Facebook is a great way to connect with long-lost friends and family, but it’s a whole different thing when you accept friends left and right. Social media is great for sharing things with your close and trusted family and friends, but it’s a no-no to add people to your friends list just because you want more likes and shares. And it’ll always leave your partner wondering if you have something more in mind each time you add someone who could rouse your partner’s jealous streak.

#5 Ask for permission. You and your partner share private and intimate moments, even the goofiest or most mundane ones. So, before you post that funny picture of your disheveled partner in her jammies as she recovers from a cold, or him close to tears after a basketball game he lost, ask for permission. It’s one thing to talk about it with your friends and another to share it with the world.

#6 Public exchanges. PDA has now turned digital—especially when you can send your loved ones icons and emojis. However, it’s good practice to keep your cute and cuddly exchanges out of the public eye. Sure, some people will find it sweet, but your partner is most likely the only one who will truly appreciate it. That is, if he or she isn’t embarrassed by it. Regardless, most people will find it off-putting, so please don’t do it in front of everyone.

#7 Fight in private. So, you don’t like how your partner responded to you when you called him or her out for being too clingy. You post about it on social media and the next thing you know, you and your partner are exchanging angry tweets or comments for everyone to see. Then you get mad at someone for telling you that Facebook isn’t the place to fight—and you call that person names. This is just plain tasteless and rude. Keep your fights off of the internet.

#8 The matter of pictures and selfies. You and your partner should discuss what kind of pictures and selfies you post or share in social media. What kind of photos are within your partner’s comfort level? Should you delete your group pictures with your ex in it? What about the photos with your ex that your common friends tagged you in? Should you guys post titillatingly romantic photos of you kissing or making out? Those are definitely something to think about.

#9 The ex-factor. Should you still be friends with your exes, especially if you have an amicable split in the first place? Although it’s okay to still follow or be social media friends with someone you used to date, you should still consider what your partner feels about this or imagine what you would feel if the tables were turned.

#10 “Friending” your partner’s friends. It’s alright to establish good rapport with your partner’s social circle, but don’t circumvent the middleman when “friending” his/her friends on social media. This means you should first ask for permission from your partner, and be genuine about it instead of plainly scouting for your next squeeze as you build your roster.

#11 Friend updates. So okay, you have changed your privacy settings to your common friends when it comes to your posts about your relationship. After all, you can’t help it: you’re basking in the glow of romance, and often this comes with heated arguments. Guess what—your friends can get tired of your rollercoaster relationships, so keep personal stuff off the internet.

#12 Telling off “the past”… of your partner. How do you tell a past fling or an ex to stop posting on your partner’s wall without sounding too possessive, arrogant, rude, or just plain crazy? How do you tell your partner that their nice responses to the opposite sex on social media can be taken as flirting and that it should be stopped? Too much jealousy in a relationship can be a deal-breaker, and you absolutely don’t want to be that type of person on social media.

#13 Respect boundaries. In our world of over-exposure to all kinds of information, even very personal tidbits, boundaries can easily be crossed—especially when it’s someone you are overly familiar with. Talk to your partner about what he or she is comfortable sharing on social media, and you should also be honest about what your expectations and comfort levels are.

#14 Never compare. What’s worse than taking cheesy photos and publishing cheesy tweets or posts on social media? Comparing your ex with your current one AND posting it on Facebook. Not only is it disrespectful to your ex, whom you at one point shared a special bond with, it is also embarrassing to your current partner, who may think you will do the same to him/her if or when your relationship ends.

#15 Don’t create a fake page. Whether you want to troll your ex or see if your partner is being loyal to you, never create a fake profile. It may seem funny or interesting at first, but it’s a lot of effort for something that won’t really add to your relationship or your personal growth. In fact, it’s juvenile.

It can be a jungle out there, in that good ol’ social media site. There are many predators and even more prey. You can find yourself having a great time, but you can also get hurt. If you’re not careful, you can get lost inside, at the expense of your real, personal relationships. So, before you lose your partner or spouse just because you weren’t thinking before clicking, stick to the etiquette above.

Know when to keep things to yourself and when to post things for everyone to see. You don’t have to give the public a play-by-play of your relationship, just so they can validate your happiness. The best things are better left in private, and even if you can control the people who can see your posts, it’s still not a great idea to shove your life into their faces every single day.


Let’s come to terms on this: social media, no matter how engrossing and time-consuming, isn’t everything. Neither is getting dozens of likes and retweets. At the end of the day, it is how you relate with, respect, and love the person you’re with that is important.


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Woman Goes On Tinder Date, Then Man Sends Her Brutal List Of ‘Tips’ Three Months Later

Shocking! The biggest jerk in the world!

Dating can be tough, especially when you’re looking for a match online. Apps like Tinder provide various methods of meeting new people, but unfortunately, you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get. Kimberley Latham-Hawkesford, a 24-year-old Aldi employee, learned this lesson firsthand when she went on a date with (who I would deem) the biggest jerk in the world.

Source: Kimberley Latham-Hawkesford/Facebook
Like most single, young women these days, Kimberley was using Tinder when she matched with a potential date.

The two messaged and chatted for a week before deciding to meet up.

Initially, the pair met at a local coffee shop, where things went really well. As a result, her date decided to bring her to a pub where they could grab some food.

Source: Trip Advisor

That’s when things started going downhill.

Kimberley’s date began making concerning comments. The young man asked her if she’d be open to plastic surgery and suggested stores where she could purchase clothes for their next date. When Kimberley offered to pay for the meal, he took offense. According to reports, the young man even pulled up his banking app to show her the balance on the screen.

It was fair to say the night had turned into a total disaster, but like any other horrific dating story, Kimberley figured she’d just never see him again and that would be the end of it— and it was, until three months later.

Source: Kimberley Latham-Hawkesford/LADbible

Amongst the ridiculously rude advice, he tells her she should lose weight, get extensions, stop talking about herself, and laugh at his jokes— but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

“Hello Kimberley,” he wrote.

“I know we went on a date quite a while ago now but I’d like to explain why I haven’t messaged you. I feel like you could have made the date much better, here’s [sic] a few reasons why. I apologize if I offend you.”

From here, the bullet-pointed list of advice began:

“If you lost some weight you would look incredible. Maybe about a stone or so.”

“You are very pale. I know you aren’t a fan of the sun, but a bit of a fake tan won’t hurt.”

“You have quite big boobs so you should show off your cleavage more.”

“I think you need to wear clothes that suit your figure and maybe update your style slightly. Just so I’m not embarrassed to be seen with you.”

“You need to dye your hair a normal color and add extensions. Longer hair is much more attractive.”

“You need to look more natural, stop wearing makeup. Just make yourself look decent but don’t overkill it.”

“Your lips have gone down so you should think of getting more filler. I know you said you regretted it but filler would make you sexier.”

“You need so much more confidence, confidence is sexy!”

“The fact that you take things slow makes you look like a prude. I didn’t get a kiss which messed with my ego. Be more sensitive to others’ feelings.”

“When we had food, I know you got a salad but having a full-fat coke is more calories you really don’t need.”

“You need to keep your past to a minimum. I don’t care about it and what you went through.”

“Get a sense of humor. You didn’t laugh at a single one of my jokes.”

“You just seemed a bit stuck up. Sort your personality out.”

“You made me feel like shit when you offered to pay. It’s like you thought I didn’t have enough money after telling you how much is in my account.”

“You didn’t compliment me once.”

Source: Kimberley Latham-Hawkesford/LADbible

When Kimberley posted the message to Facebook, it went viral for obvious reasons.

Luckily, although she admits she was initially “mortified” by the list, she now finds humor in the scenario: “The more I read it, the funnier it became. I couldn’t understand how a guy could say such things to a woman.”

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Facebook brings ‘Secret Crush’ feature on Dating profile

Secret Crush, as it’s called, lets you express interest in up to nine Facebook friends. The good news is, you have to opt in if you want to participate, so you won’t be bombarded with a bunch of random dating requests if you don’t want them. If someone adds you to their secret crush list, Facebook will send you a notification but will only reveal the name if you pick the same person as your secret crush. Also, if you like our efforts, consider sharing this story with your friends, this will encourage us to bring more exciting updates for you. Facebook Dating services are available on the Facebook smartphone application at present in the following countries: Paraguay, Colombia, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Vietnam, Guyana, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, and Suriname.

That could entice more reluctant Facebook users to give Dating a shot – who isn’t curious to see whether a friend secretly likes them? You will also be able to share plans about your dates, with your friends and family on Messenger. The redesign makes it easier to access and use Groups, meet new friends, see upcoming events, and ship Marketplace items. Liverpool won’t receive title favors from Newcastle – Benitez City vs Liverpool: Five things you need to know… “My relationship with the city of Liverpool , the club and the fans is there”. Both sides have over 90 points and the race for the crown could be set to go down to the final day. HHS announces rule that ‘protects’ groups and individuals from performing abortions During Facebook’s F8 developers’ conference this week, the issue of user privacy seemed to loom over the event as Facebook announced even more invasive features and joked about the sites numerous data scandals. It is different from Tinder and users are not required to swipe people to like them. The new version of the social media mobile app will be simpler and faster.

First things first: New year, new look, baby! The new look rolls-out in the United States today, and for the rest of the world in the coming weeks. It’s available through the Facebook App, and allows people to control their experience with it. You’ll then be able to speak to each other about that crush. Facebook is working to downplay recommendations from groups known for spreading misinformation, and deleting groups that break the company’s community standards. The number of Facebook users in Vietnam is the seventh highest in the world, with over 58 million people as of a year ago, an increase of 16 percent over 2017, according to a report by social media marketing and advertising agency We Are Social.


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Azina – 2016 – International Phone Girl

The exchange rate of the USD to their pesos is huge. $60 of our dollars is like $300 of their dollars. I could live like a king down there. But who am I kidding? I don’t even like leaving my neighborhood.

This is a little bit of an odd story. A year or so ago I started chatting with this girl on Facebook Messenger. I think it just started with her saying hello to me. I was bored and alone and started chatting with her.

She lives in the Philippines. She’s attractive and was around 27 years old at the time. (This is one of the few times I’ve used the person’s actual photos)

I’ve chatted with women in different countries on Facebook over the years. No big deal. No mail order bride stuff, just talking to people and finding out about their lives and their culture.

I once chatted with a girl in Brazil for over a year or two. Beautiful lady. I’d write about her, but it was years ago, and let’s face it. It’s just like having a pen pal that you’re never going to meet so what’s the point?

Anyway I was chatting with Azina for a while and after a couple of weeks she starts telling me personal things.

Like how she hasn’t had sex in over 5 years and she wants to see me on FaceTime and she wants us to be together, etc. I know that’s not happening. Although the exchange rate of the USD to their pesos is huge. $60 of our dollars is like $300 of their dollars. I could live like a king down there. But do I really want to even leave Rittenhouse and go to Old City here in Philly? Not really. So I can’t see myself flying to the Philippines for anybody. Especially a stranger I’ve never met.

Apparently you can call people and do FaceTime through Facebook messenger. Because one night I’m in bed and my phone rings and it’s not my normal ringtone (It’s So Easy , by Guns n’ Roses is my ringtone.) This ring is just like a regular phone ringing. I was still awake so I look at it and it’s Azina!

So I answer it and I can see her. She doesn’t say much but I’m just stunned I’m doing FaceTime with another person halfway across the planet. The technology these days!

But then she does something I didn’t expect. She takes her shirt off. She’s pretty busty and I was shocked.

I haven’t requested or promised her anything. I think this lady took a liking to me and was just horny. Plus, I think she felt safe in this relationship. She can see me and I can see her and we can do things but nobody is touching anybody.

I’ve said this before: This is a dating blog, not a sex blog. So things were done and she’s sent me photos, and let’s just say I’ve seen EVERYTHING there is to see about sweet Azina.

Again, I never asked her to do any of these things, but it was pretty hot. We had some sexy sessions there for a month or so and then she just faded away. The texting got less and the calls became less frequent.

Hopefully she’s found love on her own little island. I guess we’re all sort of on our own little islands.

Check her out. There’s some pics of her below.

Cute, right?









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