Eileen – Chapter 14 – What’s Water Ice? – Part 1

“The air conditioner guy is supposed to come tonight. Because this place has been a blood pit.”

Spring 2019

I had to come in at 2pm today. I have no idea why my partner had to leave. I thought he had a new fitness client and he had to spend time with them, but he said no, he just had to go. I’m fine with coming in early, I love being at the salon.

On top of that the air conditioner has been busted for a week.

But I’m so happy to be away from sitting in a cubicle among a bunch of loser rubes that have no idea who they even are.

It’s Thursday and I assume I’ll be run over by clients. but it’s early and I figure I’ll be okay for a while. Normally, I can survive until 5:30 until Eileen get here late after class and we’ll make it work.

Today was not the case.

I came in early because I was asked to. I have a flexible schedule for things like this.

I could never have expected that I would be absolutely run over by the number of people who came to the salon.

From 2pm until Eileen showed up I was absolutely murdered. It was as if they had all concocted a plan to destroy me on that lovely Wednesday evening.

It was busy beyond words. I literally ran for 4 hours. Opening new accounts, tanning ladies, running, and the endless sea of dirty towels that creates.

As I ran through the salon all I could think about was, “What if Eileen bailed on her last class and came in?”

Eileen’s studies are paramount, but I can still hope. But baby never came. She needed to focus on her studies and her future degree. I admire her so much for what she’s doing and love what she’s doing here but I’m on my own for now.

I even forgot about the Rice Krispy treat I had brought in for her because I want my co-worker to have a snack while she helps me deal with all of these people desperate to tan.

I think this is the most busy I’ve ever been since I’ve worked here. I’m getting killed. I am literally doing load after load of towels.

I think around 5:30, I was scrubbing down the sun bed in #9 when I heard a familiar, lovely voice say, “Hello” to me.

I think Eileen has finally arrived!

Thank God.

I’m getting killed!

My savior is here!

Eileen doesn’t realize this but in that moment, I’m so grateful that she’s arrived I’m loving her as an employee!

I’ve been rescued from the 120 degree nightmare that has been my life for the last 4 hours!

The air conditioner guy is supposed to come tonight, because this place has been a blood pit.

The stand up units are so hot you can’t even put your hands on the handles inside the units, without being burned. That’s how bad it is. He was supposed to come two nights ago but totally failed.

We’re doing the best we can under bad conditions, but Eileen has been a love all through it.

She’s stranded at he counter dealing with all of the new intake. I retreat to the back to handle cleaning beds and managing laundry.

Eileen is handling all of the non-stop people with a smile and I so appreciate that.

It’s just another night at the salon, and I bask in the fact that I have the best staff this year.

It’s so hard to find good employees for jobs like this and I’ve been gifted with the very best.

“Is there a good water ice place around here?’

“Rita’s. It’s like two blocks away. Amazing.”

“I want that.”

“Yea, it’s a Philly favorite. Now I feel like I want water ice.”

“Do you wanna get some after work?”

I absolutely love that Eileen has asked me to have water ice with her after our little pizza date last night.

We finally finish all of the horrors of all that is the salon and finish everything there. It was a super profitable day.


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Amelia – Chapter 9 – Marathon

Amelia tells me if we are stuck at the salon beyond 8:45 she’s going to bail and go home. She just flew back to the States from Japan and surely she must be tired. (Air Force Reserve)

I get it.

Of course it’s so busy at the salon we get fucked on that time scale. I tell her tomorrow is my buddy Church, and after that I’m drilled with work, so tonight we tell we catch up or it has to be next week.

Amelia relents, and even though she’s exhausted and so am I, we agree to hang.

We manage to get all of the stragglers and line steppers out of the salon and do our best to clean up and close out.

We know this is the only night we can hang, and even though we’re both exhausted, we march over to Marathon around the corner.

We exchange stories as always.

She tells me a lurid tale of a tryst she had while she was abroad.

All I can think of is what a liberated soul my Amelia is.

That’s it. No judgement. I just want her to be happy.

But there is something else.

I’ve really missed Amelia.

I wrote about about this before but I have to say it again.

I have feelings for Amelia.

It’s different.

It doesn’t fit into any dating, relationship, bucket.

I just have feelings for her.

I just love being around her and it’s so fun to spend time with her. (We’re paid to be together)

Okay…. I was sitting at dinner at Marathon with Amelia and we were exchanging stories. We’re so honest with each other. We really safely release to each other. (I like that)

I told Amelia I loved her.

She said it back.

I don’t know.

She’s 24, I’m 55. That’s a spread, but I love Amelia. I’m so happy when I’m with her. I feel like we could run a business together, and still laugh over drinks and enjoy each others company.

But I could be wrong

She’s young, and she has so many choices and I never want to interfere in that.

We had a nice dinner together, and I know she was tired, but I was just so happy to see her.

I’m happier in my life than I’ve ever been. I love that I have so many opportunities and I get stay busy at my age, but I really have been blessed to meet some new people in the real world instead of swiping on Tinder.

She’s my employee so I have to be careful…

But I’ve fallen in love with Amelia.



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Sun Stories – Zoe – Chapter 5 – My Lovely Number 1 Finally Returns! – Part 2

A stupendous beauty.

I get to the salon at 3pm and so does Amelia. We’re instantly slammed by clients because every one on Earth needs to get their base before Memorial Day weekend.

I call it being “Run Over”.

We can handle it. But where the fuck is Eileen? I’m pissed and really worried about my girl.

Amelia, between customers DM’s her on Intagram and I decide to email her. I feel like this is the one fucking day, that I can’t be here, because of my new job, and Eileen (who I love) has been killed or been in an accident, or lost her way, isn’t coming into work on the ONE day I really need her)

I’m angry, (pissed) and I end up calling the owner of Mac Mart and just leaving a message. No details just a notification because I don’t know how this day is going to go down.

I’ve called Eileen twice and it’s gone straight to voicemail. I’m flipping out.

The ONE day I have to slip out of my shift, (but I’m supposed to have full coverage and it’s about to go down in flames.)

Amelia Instagrams Eileen and I email her in a moment of desperation.

We’re getting slammed at the salon. I’m angry, and doing every I can think of to maintain the place. We are being over run. It’s 4pm in the afternoon. Don’t these people have jobs? We’re getting crushed.

I need Eileen.

I’m loading towels into the dryer when I get the message.

The email says: ” My phone is broken, of course I’ll be in at 4:30″

I want to kiss Eileen I’m so happy. Amelia knows about Mac Mart, but Eileen doesn’t.

“What happened?”

My phone reset and isn’t working but I’ll be in at 4:30.”

Okay, I’m no longer losing my shit.

At this point I’m cleaning beds, and doing laundry. But Amelia and I are being run over, and I have to be at Mac Mart in an hour.

I was collecting dirty towels from the hamper when I saw lovely Eileen climbing the stairs at the salon.

“Ladies and gentleman, put your hand together, coming to the stage, is the lovely, Eileen!”

I was just so grateful at this point.

I was just so damn happy to see her, and that I could go be the manager at Mac Mart for the first time.

I was standing at the counter with Amelia doing what we do when suddenly SHE appeared.

I turned and there was Zoey.

I gasped exactly the way when I saw Alessandra Ambrosio for the first time. (I hope Zoey appreciates that!)

I’m overjoyed to see my number one. My favorite girl who comes in here. It’s been over a month. I’ve had a special facial lotion for her hidden in the back.

But I have to go.

I’m needed at Mac Mart.

My future.

But Zoey is here.

I announce to Amelia and Eileen that Zoey is my number one and they comply.

My staff always senses that when I want to spend extra time with a special client. They always step it up and do everything, because they know that the boss is distracted.

The great thing is, the girls do this instinctively every time this happens. They just know that I’m interested, and they have to do everything.

I like that.

I have to go to Mac Mart. No one knows that but Amelia.

“Do you have a date? Asks Eileen.


The girls feel sad for me.

Zoey is in Number 1, I tell Eileen.

This is a rare event. All three of us are here. I know the girls will be great together, but my queen arrived and they know to stand down and do what I say for Zoey.

I’m overjoyed Zoey has appeared. I make sure she’s scheduled for the best bed in the house before taking her to the back of the salon.

I go into my secret drawer and pull out a plastic bag and hand it to her.

“What? What is this Charles.?”

“Open it, Zoey.”

It’s just a plastic Wawa bag to hide my gifts for my loves. She produces a tube of an amazing facial tanning solution. I know Zoe worries about her skin and her blemishes because she’s young. This lotion will take care of all of that. It’s called ‘Oohh La La Face’.

I went on our site and searched for something that would be perfect to protect her lovely visage. It’s what I do for my number one.

I like to give them little gifts.

Zoey is ecstatic. I know she’s been looking for a special lotion for her lovely face, and I’ve just presented it to her after not seeing her for a month.

I’m not after Zoey. I’m just happy she’s in my life.

“Thank you so much. This is perfect.”

“I’ve missed you terribly, Zoey.”

Zoey hugs me and I kiss her shoulder.

She giggles like always and I love that.

“When are we getting a drink? I’m available Tuesday on.” She says.

My mind swoons but I have to figure the hookup. Meeting Zoey for a drink will be such a wonderful experience.

I’m busy with work but I need to figure out her schedule but this is really happening.

Could I actually have a drink with my Number 1?


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Sun Stories – Zoe – Chapter 4 – My Lovely Number 1 Finally Returns! – Part 1

A stupendous beauty.

Zoey had been a top 10 for me at the salon for over a year. She rose through the ranks of beautiful women that come in the salon to top 5. Zoey s one of the sweetest people that visit us. Zoey listens to all of my crazy stories, and laughs at all of my jokes and is an all around lovely person.

I have no drama in my life anymore because I’ve cleared out all of the bad/crazy women from my life. But I do create a little drama at the salon between the clients. I always have a list of my favorite women that come in and if you’ve been reading this blog, you’ll know that the Number 1 spot has changed many times.

I’m so fickle and the winners come and go. It’s all nonsense but it makes the job fun and I enjoy the competition and so do the girls.

But after awhile, I realized that Zoey had become Top 3 and then my favorite.

So when you hit number 1, I have to do things for you. I upgrade you to better beds, I get you little gifts. I love it, and the girls go crazy over the attention.

I don’t want to date them or anything else, I just like doing things for these girls because I can.

It’s just something in my kind personality, and I feel that after all of the years working in grinding corporate life, I’ve been rewarded with solid work where I’m surrounded by lovely young women.

They get it. I’m a good dad to Lorelei and they all know I’m not after them in the slightest bit. It’s just a fun activity that actually enriches our client experience and most of them upgrade to more expensive packages after I turn them on to the better beds.

They’re beautiful and charming girls, but the bottom line is to make money for the salon. So there’s always a method to the madness.

But in this lovely mundane job, I create an energy to make it interesting.

If you’ve been reading this, I’ve almost phased out the whole “Number One” nonsense, because fickle me loves them all equally and there are so many regulars and new ones that come in that I adore, it’s just phickle heaven for me.

Especially now that it’s incredibly busy in the salon. It’s a sea of beauty. The dopamine saturates my brain.

I love them all.

As the temperature increases, there is non-stop traffic of lovely women and well turned tan legs.

It’s our busy season and the place in insane. But I have the best employees I’ve ever had. I love Amelia as a friend and comrade, and Eileen is so amazing with the clients. We’re truly in a renaissance at the salon and my partner Achilles has no clue. He barely knows their names. I’m here working every night, with these girls and we’ve all built a solid relationship.

It’s sooo good. Read about Amelia and Eileen. I’m honored to know these girls. I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve worked for so many loser fuckers, and now I’m surrounded by good people and good work.

But tonight is like no other.

I get a text from my Number one, Zoey, and she tells me she’ll be in this week.

I’m shocked and elated. Zoey is finishing college and now working as an intern. (Standard young life fare) Since making her my Number 1 she hasn’t been in so I was butt hurt about that because I want to see her, but the girl has a real job and I need to check myself.

I tell her not to come in on Wednesday because  I won’t be in and I tell her I will cry. (Kidding. She gets it)

I ordered an expensive face lotion for her. Zoey worries about her face like any young lady. I get her the best, and it actually has elements in it that will clear up any blemishes she has. I ordered it a month ago and hid it in a secret drawer I have at the salon where I keep bags so Achilles wouldn’t find it and ask questions. (We don’t carry it. I got it especially for Zoey.)

I thought she’d come in and get it, but weeks went by and I didn’t see her. I actually started to think why did I make her my number one if she stopped coming in like the rest of my candidates?

But she always kept in touch and I knew she was getting killed at school and at her new job.

I kept the lotion buried under a pile of plastic bags in my secret bags for a month. I checked on it periodically to make sure Achilles hadn’t found it and either disposed of it or called me out on it.

I’ve been moonlighting at Marc Mart because that’s an amazing local company that’s growing. The owner as expanded to Delaware and I’ll be the manager of their Rittenhouse store going forward.

I texted Eileen to remind her to come in and work with Amelia on Wednesday. I’ve never done this before, and I haven’t told Achilles that I’ll be working with them less at the salon.

It’s been a long time coming, because I wanted to grow with the salon and the gym but it hasn’t happened. The salon is doing well but not growing. Mac Mart  is opening a new store in Delaware at a University and we now have our sites on Temple University and beyond.

I want to be an integral part of that growth.

I see the elegant face of this brand, and after working in corporate America for so many years, it’s refreshing to bring my talent to the next Starbucks.

So the owner at Mac Mart has scheduled me to close. That’s 5 to 10pm. It’s my first one. I have to do it. I had asked Eileen to come in and work with Amelia for the night. Baby was fine with it.


I text her Tuesday night to remind her that I need her at 4:30 tomorrow.


No big deal. It was late night.

The next day. (Crickets)

Now I’m worried. Eileen is 18 years old, her phone is her life.

Hours later I text her again.


This is weird. Did something happen to her? I’m really worried!

I call her. Goes straight to voice mail.


This is the only day I ever have to go work a night shift at Mac Mart and now I can’t get a hold of my girl at all.

To be continued…

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Eileen – Chapter 10 – International Restaurant

I love Amelia. She is Megasun personified. Best employee ever. Achilles is completely oblivious because all he does is deal with the salon and the fitness center from 10am to 3pm.

After that is when the magic and the money happens.

He has no contact with me and the girls unless something goes wrong at the salon. My job is to make the salon sing and never call him.

I have the best staff I’ve ever had in the history of this company.


Achilles has lived his life with $9 an hour marginal garbage for years. But you bring me in and you’ll get better staff, because that’s what I do.

Does he appreciate it? No. He’s Greek, They work and grow and run businesses. They never trust their staff because most of them are shit and can’t be trusted.

But something magical happened in 2016. Achilles suddenly got a $50k corporate guy to come give him the fuel that professional, in the rat race, gave to corporations every day. But I drove that into a tanning salon. I was sick of corporate america and working for a bunch of weak assholes.

I can use all of my powers in this retail outlet.

What if we invest into a fitness center ?

Lets do that.

Sadly, never happened.

Let’s open another salon on the other side of Broad.

Never happened.

I’m the greatest employee you’ve ever had, and you’re still just running the last tanning salon in the city of Philadelphia.

We’ve faced our struggles and it’s all good, but here we are in our busy season.

I’m grateful for Amelia and Eileen.

They are hands down, the greatest employees I’ve ever had.

How is that possible?

Amelia, great with the clients, calm, cleaning, fun, charming, the extra stuff. Eileen, always charming, calm, and beautiful but willing to jump in whenever necessary.

I’ve some how been blessed.

Amelia and Eileen are beyond great.

I love them both in their earnest and elegance.

They run the front counter and get it right every night, and I get the luxury to run around the salon and just clean beds and do laundry. (Love it!)

That shows me that the most masterful member stands down while his best runs the ship. They’re ready and they’re better than him for this job tonight.

I have hired the best and this progression shows me that I’m right. They work independent of me and Achilles barely knows who they are. I would find that odd but I know him. He’s dealt with garbage employees for ten years, and can no longer tell the difference. I think he’s even losing sight of his very finest.

I want no credit in this, Amelia and Eileen are my best hires, and I am so very proud of them. I simply trained them and these lovely birds flew.

Oh darn…. I’ve been so caught up in how great my staff is… I promised Eileen if she got three compliments on her make up (Which is always amazing) I’d buy her dinner.

Sadly, she only got two but we did go to McDonald’s, and she loved it.

We did a group text to Amelia that I took my hire to “An International Restaurant for dinner Friday night.”

We all had a good laugh over it and I can’t wait to take Amelia for gelato as soon as possible!


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